Today on The Don Geronimo Show, we get confirmation on the syndication deal in Reno! The show airs in the Biggest Little City starting Sept. 12th! Don then goes into a rant about the TLC program Toddlers and Tiaras, which apparently has a 3 year old dressed as Julia Roberts’ prostitute character in the movie Pretty Woman. Don not only rips the program, and the parents on the show, but also TLC for allowing such garbage on their channel.

We then get a visit from CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz, who is a long time friend of Don. He gets the guys excited for the NFL season, which starts today, and tells us he’ll be calling the Pittsburgh / Baltimore game this weekend. He also says that Tiger Woods will make a huge comeback this year in golf after a horrible 2011.

After Don tells us about how the U.S. Government should be ran, and even introduces his Government “Dream Team,” we are told about a website created by Summer’s Eve feminine products, called ID the V, in which a talking vagina quizes you on the parts of the female anatomy. Don’s favorite broadcaster ever, Regis Philbin, has a story in the new USA TODAY, and the guys go at length discussing his last day on Regis and Kelly, which is in November. The guys then get sidetracked, thanks to Dave, and go off on a “who would you like to see in a sex tape?” conversation.

After discussing this year’s fantasy league, and the funniest scenes on The Sopranos, Don plays a racist PAC 12 video that was pulled from the FOX Sports website yesterday, then calls Big Freda to wish her a happy birthday. We then go into the Phantom News Hour, in which Phantom updates on the new plan for funding a new arena in Sacramento, discusses the Republican debate last night, and the NFL kickoff! And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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