Once again, Grant had an all-star lineup of guests – led off by Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Ian Thomsen. Thomsen said he likes the odds that the NBA will play the entire season, despite today’s announcement that the league has postponed the start of training camps. He also offered a few thoughts on the Red Sox’ September collapse.

Next, CNBC Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell took the other side of Ian Thomsen’s statement, arguing that he doesn’t see how the NBA can avoid missing regular season games. Rovell also looked ahead to the MLB playoffs, a potential Mayweather/Pacquiao fight, and the future of boxing after the Mayweather/Ortiz debacle. Darren further went on with some thoughts about why the Moneyball movie doesn’t work.

In hour two, ESPN NFL reporter John Clayton told us why offensive numbers have exploded through the first two week. Clayton also addressed Asante Samuel’s role with the Eagles after Samuel recently expressed some displeasure about his situation in Philadelphia.

In hour three, President of Programming for NBC Sports Jon Miller talked about the new show “NFL Turning Point” and how the network plans to improve on the series after one week. Miller also discussed the flexibility of the primetime schedule for NFL broadcasting.

FOX NFL Color Analyst Brian Billick closed out the five o’clock frame, defending Jim Harbaugh’s late game decision to decline a penalty and keep three points on the board. Billick further broke down the 49ers’ loss against Dallas and told us how the lockout has boosted offensive numbers while praising early-season quarterback play around the league. The former coach will be in Tampa Bay on Sunday to call the Falcons/Buccaneers contest.

Finishing things off, Football analyst Charles Davis talked about Heisman trophy candidates and college football before getting into this weekend’s slate of NFL games.


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