Neighbors’ Dispute Ends In Shots Fired

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An argument between two neighboring families in south Sacramento ended with bullets exchanged from both sides late Tuesday night.

The incident occurred at Camino Royale Drive and Pegler Way shortly after 10 p.m. A 17-year-old was hit by a bullet in the arm while walking down the street but he’s expected to be OK.

Sacramento police were on scene and blocked off streets to investigate.

  • Mace

    Wild Wild West…lol

  • B. Lee

    A shooting in South Sacramento? Wow, who would have thunk it.

    Neighbor shooting at a neighbor?

    And an innocent 17 year old just walking down the street at 10 PM?

  • Rondee

    This is the only way to deal with Evil Neighbors. Shoot them before they destroy you!

  • Michael Quinn

    “Come and listen to my story bout a man named Jed…”

    • termite

      No Jed in that hood, maybe a pancho or a Ladummy ,but Jeds

  • JCC

    What a bunch of idots. What is the deal with people these days?

    • termite

      These people are not idiots , they are just ghetto people ,what do you expect
      They were just trying to figure out who’s . stole the NOT YO CHEESE., so they decided to let the guns figure it out .

  • Ann

    sorry, i did have a “Jed” for a neighbor who would rant and rave if anyone parked in front of his house, ON THE STREET……that’s what i don’t get with this story, STREET PARKING is STREET PARKING, you don’t have to use your drive way, you can park wherever the heck you want to park if it’s on the street. Sharma needs to read up on the subject.

  • Ann

    the above was for the other article about the neighbor pulling a gun on the neighbor because of street parking spot……oh well!

    • termite

      Well we can thank the NRA for these wonderful time in the neighborhoods , They used to say home protection , now it’s gun and run thanks to people like the ACLU and their right to bear arms . As long as it’s not in the neighborhood . It’s like the law of the jungle ,the strongest survive .
      Ann you are right , they don’t need a reason , they just need ammo.

  • Whitey

    Thank the NRA? Are you suggesting thugs now register their stolen weapons and maintain them legally? Or are you saying all people that register and maintain their weapons legally just give them up so there’s no more shootings?

    Don’t know the statistics… but I’d be willing to bet 99% of all gun related crimes aren’t committed by people legally registered to own one.

  • Ha Lor

    Good ol cowboys…

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