FOLSOM (CBS13) — Two Folsom Police Department officers are being investigated after they rolled their golf cart during a charity tournament earlier this month, requiring one of the off-duty officers to be air-lifted to a local hospital.

The incident happened during the Scott Russell Memorial Golf Tournament at Empire Ranch Golf Club in Folsom on Sept. 16. Russell was a local officer killed while on duty in 2007.

A police department official confirmed Thursday that the officers are being investigated for their conduct at the tournament but declined to give their names.

Police Chief Cynthia Renaud told the Folsom Telegraph that her department is working the District Attorney’s Office on a criminal investigation but declined to say if alcohol was involved in the incident.

Comments (4)
  1. sactobob says:

    Why are folsom cops hiding in walmart parking lot on fridays and giving out putting expensive silly tickets such as ‘license plate improperly installed’ while we are shopping?

    1. JP says:

      If you had a properly installed license plate, it wouldn’t have happened…

    2. Guy says:

      Wouldn’t a Walmart parking lot be considered private property? How can they troll parking lots on private property and write tickets but if someone backs into your vehicle in the same parking lot and flees the scene they won’t respond?

      I had some lady put a nice dent in my bumper while I was shopping one time. She fled the scene but not before some good citizen copied down the vehicle make, model, license plate and a description of the driver. I called the police and was told “sorry sir, nothing we can do, it happened on private property”. Guess there’s no revenue generation in something like that…

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