Today, Don returns after taking yesterday off… Or does he?

Don tells us about lunch Wednesday with Marianne McClary from Good Day Sacramento, and his wife Janet, then goes over a bunch of random TV notes he made while sick yesterday, involving X Factor, Dr. Phil, and Beavis and Butthead. Phantom then tells us about the giant stand up poster of Blake Griffin he was given as a gift. Don saw a blind guy at an AM PM the other day who he thought was faking it, so Little Joe gives Blind Neal a call to discuss Don’s encounter. During the talk Neal tells us about his glass eyes, and talks fantasy football smack with Dave. His voice also has an eery resemblance to that of Mr. Rodgers.

Don then interviews former NFL punter Sean Landeta, who will be calling the Jets/Ravens game this weekend for Westwood One. Sean talks about the games this week, picks his winners with the guys, and Don tells him the Morten Anderson story.

Don then tells us about a new dress that came out in France that is made out of cow and yak nipples. After playing a few clips from X Factor, 60 Minutes’ Andy Rooney, and the gay Marine calling his mom.

Comedian Jo Koy from Chelsea Lately stops by to promote his show at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco this weekend. He also talks about being on Leno, the worst jobs he’s ever had, and how he go the gig on Chelsea Handler’s show.

Don then pulls out a tape of famous classic rock songs in the style of bluegrass music. Joe does the same, but in the style of a classical string quartet. The guys take turns guessing the songs, until Dave messes up the lyrics to “Pinball Wizard” (“That deaf, dumb, and BLACK kid”) which sends the show into an uproar! The rest of the show is filled with “Blind vs. Black” jokes! Phantom somehow manages to get through his news hour, talking about banks that are charging debit fees, the Detroit Lions shutting down a mobile strip club at their tailgate parties, and the big movies coming out this weekend. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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