LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Bank of America will begin charging customers to use debit cards for purchases early next year.

Bank of America plans to start charging the $5 a month fee for all debit purchases. The charges will apply to basic checking accounts.

The fee will not apply if the card is used at ATM locations.

B of A will introduce the fee in stages, state by state. The bank isn’t saying which states will be first.

An Associated Press poll found that the new fees may change customer habits as 2/3 of consumers use debit cards more often than credit cards. Sixty-six percent of consumers polled said that if banks charge a $5 debit card fee, they’d find another way to pay.

Several smaller banks have already started testing debit card fees.

Comments (2)
  1. LiberalButConservative says:

    Go BofA, as soon as you implement the fee here in CA I am changing the bank. My saving, checking…Au revoir…

  2. LOL says:


    Looks like no one cares. No conversation needed if you dont like what they are doing go some place else. I left Chase when they started the fee stuff even thought it would not affect me knowing it would only get worse

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