More Than 300 Catalytic Converters Stolen In Stockton In Past 4 Months

STOCKTON (CBS13) — There have been more than 300 thefts of catalytic converters in Stockton just since June 1, according to police records.

To combat the rash of catalytic converter thefts in the city, a Stockton car dealership is offering to engrave license plate numbers on the converters of Toyota models.

Local recycle centers have been made aware of the recurring thefts of these converters, Officer Pete Smith said.

Toyota Tundras, Sequoias, and other similar vehicles with higher ground clearance are usually targeted by thieves because the converters are easier to access.

Toyota of Stockton is offering to engrave the license plate number of the vehicle into the catalytic converter of Toyotas for free in an attempt to help deter thefts.

  • Ed Grohosky

    idiots !! engraving a converter will do nothing to DETER the theft !! it will still get stolen… can hit the engraving with a grinder to remove it……and if need be…..the thief will just throw it away. the end result……thieves don’t check id numbers in the dark, and you are still left with a missing converter…..geez….!!

    • yobro

      They come here for a better life, And then “F” you over.

      • trj

        And America is supposed to accept obama giving them amnesty? I DON’T THINK SO!

  • Aaron

    Possession of items with serial numbers intentionally removed is usually a misdemeanor — not sure about license plate numbers. The dealership might be better off engraving the serial. The problem is that it’s not enough for the DA to press charges…especially for a part on a car that could’ve been subject to wear in such a way that the serial appeared to be intentionally removed when it was not. This is why it’s important to have a designated serial number area, etc. “The serial number could’ve worn off during normal use…” — defense attorneys love that one.

    If anyone want’s background that I think this story omitted… see

    • Aaron

      “wants” not want’s. Too much coffee today…..

  • John

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….yeah, as if the people BUYING these used converters really care about the engraved license plate #…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….IDIOTS!

  • Yvonne Travers

    Shoot these theives.
    Leave their headless bodies on the street like they down in Mexico and this BS will stop.

  • John

    Along the same line of thought, maybe they should engrave some sort of # on copper wire to discourage thieves from steeling it…….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • T Vang

    I will set electricity current on my car and if thief should touch it, it will fry them. I just lost $3600 a few month ago for that. Will the police allow us to shoot those thieves? They cause too much trouble fo the society.



  • The_Truth

    Its time to bring back the law of the old west where if someone steals from you, you can shoot them, its time for the people of Stockton, to take back Stockton from the gangs and thugs, that are allowed to roam ourt streets.

  • trj

    It is time for America to do that ESPECIALLY if obama grants amnesty to illegal aliens. You can call me racist all you want but the truth is most of these crimes are by illegal aliens. Illegal is illegal and if the government won’t get rid of them then American people should.

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