Grant had a full show today. He talked about the MLB postseason, as well as the upcoming week in the NFL. Grant gave his picks, as well as his lock and upset for the week. The NBA owners and players met today and Grant gave updates throughout the show on that. Grant also took calls on NFL picks, and the NBA lockout. Grant interviewed Stefan Wisniewski, Dennis Green, Mike Silver, Kevin Harlan, Bruce Feldman, and Willie McGinest.

Stefan Wisniewski, rookie offensive lineman for the Raiders was on with Grant today. Stefan first talked about how he’s had such a good rookie season, which he attributed to learning to block the Raiders great defensive line in practice. He talked about his matchup coming up against the Patriots, as well as making the adjustment from college to the NFL, and gelling with his other offensive lineman. Stefan also talked about playing in Oakland and how beneficial it is when the Coliseum is sold out. Finally he gave his thoughts on running back Darren McFadden, the Raiders upcoming matchup against the Patriots, and playing for his alma mater Penn State.

Sacramento Mountain Lions head coach Dennis Green was on with Grant today to talk about the Mountain Lions upcoming game against Omaha. First they talked about the injuries for this weekend, and what they need to do to win on Saturday. Then they quickly covered the Mountain Lions’ loss from last weekend. Finally, Coach Green gave his thoughts on the poor tackling thus far in the NFL this season.

Mike Silver from and was on with Grant today. They first talked about the Raiders upcoming game against the Patriots. Mike discussed what the Raiders defense needs to do to thwart Tom Brady and the Patriots’ offense. Next they talked about Darren McFadden and how he keys the Raiders offense. After that, they talked about a couple other games that will be exciting this weekend. Lastly they talked about Michael Vick and whether or not he was worth the $100 million the Eagles paid him.

Kevin Harlan from CBS sports came on with Grant today. First Grant asked about the poor tackling in the NFL this season, and why it has been so bad. Then Kevin, who is covering the Raider game on Sunday for CBS, talked about the atmosphere in the Coliseum and how excited he is for Sunday’s game against the Patriots. Kevin also talked about Tom Brady’s homecoming to the Bay Area. Finally, Kevin talked about why the Raiders are on the rise, and what he expects from them against New England.

Bruce Feldman from and author of “Swing Your Sword,” a New York Times bestseller about former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach, came on with Grant today to talk about college football. Bruce started off by previewing this weekend’s Wisconsin and Nebraska game. Then Grant asked about Boise State and their chances to play in a competitive game for the rest of the season, and their shot at the national title. Bruce also gave his current Heisman candidates.

Former New England Patriots linebacker and NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest was on with Grant today to preview the Raiders and Patriots game on Sunday. Willie said that New England will be able to recover this week from their tough loss to Buffalo. Then Grant asked about the Patriots deficiencies, and Willie gave some of the issues with the Patriots defense. Then Willie talked about his former teammate Richard Seymour and why he’s been so successful in the NFL. McGinest talked about the Raiders’ offense and why they’ve been successful this season.


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