Today, Don begins with Dave’s meeting with Steve Porsche, in which Steve says there are “3 Daves:” the funny one, the #herewebuild one, and the “rudderless” one. The guys think of a few other ones as well. Don then plays a clip he recorded at home on his phone, in which his brother in law Tom breaks a 6 foot kitchen light bulb. We also hear a statement from Tom Couzens’ mom, regarding Tom’s anti-Don columns, and Don’s current ratings. After reading an email from a loyal listener who came up with teams and divisions for the drug sports league in Don’s world, the guys talk about a possible exhibition basketball game in Sacramento with current NBA players. We also hear about a Dunsmuir, CA woman who is suing a sex toy company for being injured by one of their vibrators.

Don reads us a list of celebrities who have the most Twitter followers, and a list of the most pirated movies online, and plays a clip of Conan O’Brien’s show last night, in which he makes fun of the “Jesus Ween” people. We then hear about an 81 year old man who was arrested for impersonating a physician, and going door to door giving women free breast exams. Then it’s time to talk NFL, and ex-Raider quarterback and current CBS analyst Rich Gannon comes on the show to talk with Don about the passing of Al Davis, his time in Oakland, and the Raiders/Browns game he’s covering this Sunday.

Don found a video of two conjoined twins named Abby and Brittany, and the guys are absolutely intrigued. The girls, now 20 years old, were featured on TLC, and of course, there are numerous questions the guys have regarding everything from how they function in society, to what their sex life is like. The listeners even call in and text with their thoughts as well. Next we get a visit from boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard, who was responsible for choreographing the fight scenes in the new Hugh Jackman movie Real Steel. Sugar Ray talks about his boxing career, specifically the Duran and Hagler fights, and working with Steven Spielberg on Real Steel.

Naked Lady Di calls in, for the first time since her bizarre rant a month ago, and when she hangs up, Dave tells us about meeting her in the KHTK parking lot, in which she got so light headed from her cigarette that she fell into the bushes. It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about Charles Barkley hating Facebook, Twitter, and Tivo, 1/3 of Americans opposing the death penalty, the top 10 holidays according to a Harris poll, and Rihanna being picked as the sexiest woman alive by Esquire Magazine. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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