Today, Don has a new tape of Janet and her brother Tom he took while in “stealth mode.” It’s his new thing. Apparently, Janet has a secret she’s not telling Don, and Don thinks it’s about one of their neighbors. Don also has the details about Ashton Kutcher and Sarah Leal’s one nighter from, and divulges us. Dave then tells us about the Chuck Lorre vanity card after Big Bang Theory last night, in which Dave is certain Lorre is taking another shot at Charlie Sheen. The guys then play “Stupid Jeopardy.” Among the topics today: All about Slow Joe, rock star bra sizes, and things you should know.

We then get a visit from ESPN’s Mark Schlereth. Mark talks about having 25 surgeries in his career, Tim Tebow starting for Denver this week, his son pitching for the Detroit Tigers, and picks the NFL games with the guys. Afterwards Scott Thompson and Kevin McDonald from The Kids In The Hall come in the studio to promote their live stand up show at the Punchline in Sacramento this evening. They also talk about their favorite comedians, Don’s favorite sketches from The Kids In The Hall, and how they’re actually hated more by gays than straights!

After playing a sketch from The Kids In The Hall, Don plays a similar clip from Love Connection.Craig actually manages to find the phone number of the actual Robert Fagot, who’s living in St. Paul, MN, and Don gives him a call. Don then makes his weekly phone calls to Green Bay, at the Lion’s Den adult store, and the Brett Favre Steakhouse. It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Among the topics today, “Vincent Crabbe” from Harry Potter getting arrested for making a homemade bomb, Charlie’s Angels surviving the axe for one more week, and the highest paid TV stars of the past year. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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