Today, Don begins by saying that while the passing of Indy car driver Dan Wheldon was tragic, it does not complete the Trifecta started by Steve Jobs and Al Davis, so we are still waiting for that third iconic celebrity to kick the bucket. Don also tells us that he would like to have a real CB radio in the studio so he can talk to truckers while on the air. We then hear about Don’s weekend with Janet and Tom, in which they went to buy a microwave, and Don got recognized by the clerk that helped them. Don also made a new “Stealth Tape” over the weekend, in which we hear the neighbor’s kid playing drums, and Janet grabbing a certain part of Don’s anatomy. The guys then get into an NFL discussion, talking about 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh’s confrontation with Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz, the highest beer prices in each stadium, and how 2/3 of America watch the NFL, but only 6% actually go to the games. The guys also talk about their love for the Redzone Channel.

We then get a visit from NFL on FOX’s Mike Pereira, who talks with the guys about some of the controversial plays from yesterday’s games that required replay reviews, the Jim Harbaugh incident, and what his life is like during the week, which apparently involves lots of golf. The guys all agree that he has a pretty sweet life. After the visit Don tells us the Scott Shannon “CB radio interference” story, and we get to hear the Stealth Tape again. Don also plays us a series of Family Feud tapes from episodes that never made it to TV. Among the clips: “Things you will put in your mouth but don’t swallow,” and “Advice you hate to hear from a woman.”

It is then time for a new episode of Kissing Couzens, which now has new soap opera organ music that Craig played and recorded over the weekend. Today’s episode has guest appearances from KHTK legend Walt Shaw, and TV’s Wilford Brimley. We then get into the “Phantom News Hour,” in which Phantom updates us on the Occupy Wall St. movement. The guys go off on a tangent about Billy Idol’s Mony Mony, and Don inadvertently drops the “F” bomb on the air! When order is restored, we also hear the top 10 box office numbers from the weekend, and of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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