SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Residents in a neighborhood near the UC Davis Medical Center are organizing opposition against a proposed fast food restaurant on a nearby busy roadway.

The Oak Park Neighborhood Association said at least 1,500 residents have already signed a petition against a local developer’s plan to built a McDonalds on a one-acre lot off Stockton Boulevard, citing concerns over noise, light, smell and increased traffic in the area.

Neighbors also noted the irony of erecting a fast-food restaurant within view of a childhood obesity clinic across the street.

A Sacramento city staff report did not support the proposed use of the site and said the lot would be better used for a wider range of services, restaurants, retail and office space.

Opponents say they plan to protest the restaurant when the planning commission takes up the issues next week.

Comments (3)
  1. Tapestry says:

    People still have way too much time on their hands. Protesting over something so totally trivial. Nobody makes you go to any fast food restaurant, we are still slightly a free country and allowed options.
    We have a MacDonald’s right next to my grocery store that I shop. I can’t remember the last time I went there. Think my guy wanted that rib sandwich that they only have once every 2 years.
    It used to be fast food places were a special time, our family went twice a year to place called Jerry’s in Oakland. It wasn’t a daily, weekly or monthly thing! But then Mom was home making meals, Dad wanted ‘real food’ and us kids used to play outside without worrying about drive by shootings. Its a different world.

  2. Medical Student says:

    Incentives matter. Often takes two incomes to support a family these days so people are busy. “Freedom” is always contingent upon context. Fast food is sometimes cheaper than cooking something at home and usually more convenient. But as to this particular instance, the silly thing about it is that the cafeteria in the hospital is already clogging people’s arteries with their food. I mean, I suppose they have salad, which is only healthy if you don’t put dressing on it, but they don’t go very far in ensuring healthy alternative are available for doctors, nurses, students and patient’s families. So maybe they should direct their activism a little closer to home.

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