SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Twin Rivers Police Department officer was critically injured but is expected to survive after being shot multiple times following a vehicle pursuit and foot chase Saturday afternoon.

The Sacramento Police Department confirmed late Saturday night that 32-year-old Tyrone Smith, the suspected shooter, was taken into custody in Del Paso Heights.

Investigators say the 25-year-old officer was attempting to pull over a white SUV driven by Smith just after 2:00 p.m., but the suspect failed to yield and sped away into Del Paso Heights. The officer pursued Smith, who soon bailed out of his vehicle and attempted to flee on foot, authorities said.

When the officer gave chase, Smith allegedly fired a number of shots, hitting the Twin Rivers officer with at least 4 bullets, police said. Witnesses said Smith jumped back into his vehicle and sped away from the scene.

tyronesmith Suspect Arrested In Shooting Of Twin Rivers Officer

Tyrone Smith

The officer, whose identity has not been released, was found by Sacramento firefighters, who treated his injuries at the scene and rushed him to the UC Davis Medical Center for surgery. The victim was reported to be in critical but stable condition Saturday night and is expected to live.

A number of neighboring law enforcement agencies helped set up a wide perimeter in Del Paso Heights on Saturday afternoon and detained a number of subjects who matched Smith’s description throughout the evening, although an arrest was not reported until after 11:00 p.m.

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  1. The Best Blogger in Sac says:

    Let me guess. Tyrone had warrants so he ran. Rather than spending a little time in County Jial he decided to open fire.

    Our town has really gone down hill……………

  2. duke says:

    This guy was found dead in police custody today.

    1. thebronze says:

      Nice spin!

      The guy died while he was being transported to police headquarters, due to being high on narcotics and because he was running from the police just prior to being caught. Look up “excited delirium”.

  3. steve r says:

    They are sworn officers with POST certification. Employed by Twin Rivers School District. Unless their Chief or School Board spells out in writing what is expected of them or what is not permitted during their daily patrols, then they posses peace officer powers anywhere in the state. The Officers in that department are part of an overall effort to make not only the schools safe but also the streets and neighborhoods around them as well. Why does it matter what the patrol car door said as to what agency was making the traffic stop, the suspect saw a Police Officer period and he tried to take an officers life. End of story!!! Last time I remember Attempted Capitol Murder was against the LAW no matter what agency you work for.

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