On today’s show Dave kicked it off with the voice of the UFC Mike Goldberg to talk about this weekends upcoming UFC 137: Penn vs Diaz. They talked about the work that goes into the production of the event during fight week, as well as what it’s like working with Joe Rogan.

The Sacramento Bee’s Raiders/NBA writer Jason Jones came on to discuss the recent power rankings that were published as well as the current situation with the NBA lockout, and when we can expect not only talks to resume but also when we can expect to see some games. They touched on Sunday’s Raider game and what to make of Carson Palmer after one game , as well as the status of RB Darren McFadden, and also Hue Jackson.

Matt Barrows, the 49ers beat writer for the Sacramento Bee ended the show with Dave to talk a little Radiohead, the power rankings, and if we can expect to see Braylon Edwards playing this weekend. The touched on the possibility of bringing Terrell Owens back to San Francisco, as well the “Harbaugh Bowl” which will be played on Thanksgiving between the 49ers and The Ravens.


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