SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A councilmember is demanding answers after learning that city workers cut down a grove of trees in a Sacramento park without notifying district leaders.

Councilmember Steve Cohn said he had sharp words for officials after hearing that about 50 trees in Sutter’s Landing Park, which is part of his district, were cut down on orders from state officials.

“I’m completely aghast at what’s occurred here,” Cohn said.

Department of Utilities spokesperson Steve Harriman said the order was meant to get rid of a homeless camp in the area. Methane gas is still present in pipes at an old landfill site and department officials felt they couldn’t take the risk of allowing camping to occur in the area.

“Down there where the homeless people were camping, you have equipment as part of the methane gas collection system,” Harriman said.

Cohn said he believes the plan was well-intentioned but went too far. He plans to bring the issue up against on the city council’s agenda in a couple weeks.

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  1. termite says:

    I think that happened in Stockton , where some workers for Spanos Real Estate co, cut down some old , old Oak trees by mistake . Fire the supervisor , didn’t the council see the order from Utl District , I smell bungled job .


    They need to cut down more trees and expand that damn freeway from six to ten lanes over the river. That freeway is always a bottle neck at any given hour of the day and night. What will be done about it? Why are these idiot politicans ignoring the problem that the consistant backups are causing more environmental damage (more air pollution, more noise, etc)?

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