SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The family of a stabbing victim is crediting an unidentified stranger for helping save a life after a violent attack on a midtown Sacramento street Sunday morning.

Doug and Dara Harmon received a frightening wake-up call at about 5:00 a.m. Sunday, learning that their 27-year-old son had been robbed and stabbed near the intersection of P Street and 22nd Street while walking to a friend’s house.

The suspect stabbed the victim four times in the arms and chest and left him bleeding on the deserted sidewalk, authorities said.

A bystander riding a bicycle spotted the bleeding man and stopped to help, even after the victim told him the suspect was still in the area. The Good Samaritan essentially carried the man to safety at a friend’s apartment a block away and cared for him until paramedics arrived.

The victim is expected to survive and is recovering at his home. The bystander who carried him to safety did not stick around to claim credit and Doug and Dara say they hope to meet him one day to thank him personally.

The suspect has not been apprehended. Police described him as a black male adult, about six feet tall, 200 pounds, and was wearing a white and turquoise baseball cap at the time.

Comments (10)
  1. Christian Cherniss says:

    Ya we don’t need that kinda stuff here bud. Regardless of race criminals suck in general. Kudos to the good samaritan as I worked at alhambra and P at a gas station on graves and saw alot of cool people around that area. I had mor eproblems with stupid young white college kids than anyone from Oak Park or the UCDMC area.

    1. Bradley Winchell says:

      Stupid white college kids? Ya got to be a “minoirity” bigot indeed. .

    2. Jennifer says:

      Way to negate your own point.

  2. Tina Hamilton says:

    A man does a great thing and shows that humanity still exists and I come here to write a comment and find a remark like that! Oh well…

  3. gina says:

    Yes there are great human beings amongst us, but I’m just not sure of the ratio of them, is it 20% of people are useless psychopath and 80% human beings or 80% psychopath and 20 % human beings
    I think it’s the latter. . . .sad isn’t it ??

  4. Veronica Vitte says:

    I am glad there are still people like that…Good for him!

  5. Doug says:

    Black or white, yellow or green….. A guy got stabbed and that is wrong… A criminal is on the loose and should be brought to justice, no matter what color he is.

  6. Adam McRae says:

    This was my friend in highschool and so on…….. he is the nicest dude you can meet , why someone could do this to him is horrible, when they catch this dude he should get stabbed 4 times too!

  7. Jo Macon says:

    By the way Im the guy who HELPED the Guy who was stabbed. My names Jo Macon, AND IM THE SAME RACE AS THE GUY WHO STABBED HIM!!. Think before you spread HATE!! There are good and bad people of every color.

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