On the Grant Napear Show today, it was all about the NBA labor talks having broken down. Grant made his NFL picks, and took listeners’ upset and lock picks of the week in the NFL. After that, Grant took calls on the NBA Lockout, and why the negotiations broke down on Friday. Grant interviewed Darren Rovell, Pete Prisco, Ian Eagle, and Quentin Groves.

Darren Rovell came on with Grant today and talked about the financial aspects of the NBA Lockout. Darren discussed how the players, owners, and league are all being affected by the prolonging of the NBA lockout. Then Darren talked about his show Sports Biz, which is on Friday nights on the Versus Network. Finally, Grant and Darren talked about the television viewership for the World Series.

Pete Prisco from cbssports.com was on with Grant today to talk about the NFL. They first discussed the Patriots and Steelers, and then Joe Flacco’s bad game last Monday night. Pete then discussed why BJ Raji of the Green Bay Packers is in his “cold tub.” Next they talked about rookie quarterbacks in the NFL. Finally Pete gave his take on whether or not Carson Palmer can be an effective quarterback for the Raiders this season, as well as the 49ers and their defensive dominance this year

Ian Eagle from CBS sports was on to talk NFL with Grant today. Ian will be covering the 49ers game on Sunday, and opened up talking about the 49ers and how Jim Harbaugh and the coaching staff has spearheaded the team’s turnaround. Then they talked about the Raiders, and their current quarterback situation. After that, Ian and Grant discussed the 49ers upcoming opponent, the Cleveland Browns. Finally, they talked about how teams play coming off of their bye week and why teams are 3-9 after their off week.

Oakland Raiders linebacker Quentin Groves was on with Grant today. Quentin first talked about the importance of a bye week both physically and mentally for the players, and where the Raiders are at going into the bye week. Then they shortly discussed Carson Palmer, as well as Quentin’s role with the Raiders on defense and special teams. After that, Groves gave his thoughts on Al Davis, and then finished by talking about the Cleveland Browns, who face the 49ers on Sunday.


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