OAKLAND (CBS13) — Thousands of people effectively shut down the Port of Oakland in an attempt to disrupt the flow of goods at the nation’s fifth-busiest port, but a protester in downtown Oakland was hurt Wednesday evening after being struck by a vehicle.

Protesters had been gathering at an intersection near Broadway and 11th Street at about 7:30 p.m. when a sedan struck one of the demonstrators, knocking him to the ground.

Footage from the KPIX-TV helicopter over the scene showed a large crowd gathering around the scene of the incident within minutes. Police were seen questioning the driver before transporting him away from the scene in a police cruiser.

The severity of the victim’s injuries are unknown, but he appeared to be moving his extremities and responding to questions from emergency personnel. He was transported away by ambulance shortly after 8:00 p.m.

>> Raw Footage: Overhead View Of Accident Scene

Demonstrators at the Port of Oakland climbed atop big-rig trucks Wednesday and began dancing while others hung a banner from scaffolding that read, “This is what democracy looks like.”

Port Executive Director Omar Benjamin said that as a result of the protest, “maritime operations are effectively shut down.”

He said the maritime operations will only resume “when it is safe and secure to do so.”

Benjamin said protesters are blocking truckers at the port from leaving.

Benjamin said “we are asking that everyone remain calm, respectful and safe and ask that port worker be allowed to get home safely.”

Organizers say they want to stop the “flow of capital.” The port sends goods primarily to Asia, including wine as well as rice, fruits and nuts, and handles imported electronics, apparel and manufacturing equipment, mostly from Asia, as well as cars and parts from Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Hyundai.

(Copyright 2011 CBS Sacramento. The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

Comments (14)
  1. SU2-Bullies says:

    And the class warfare and “My Struggle” thugs and bullies once again continue down the path of Germany of the 1930s to try and force and intimidate people to do their bidding. There’s nothing “neo” about this mob-movement.



  3. Ray says:

    Mr. Brown call in the NG to restore order it seems that the Police can’t or won’t do their job.

    1. Linda Heath says:

      The cops can’t do their job. Their mayor is on the side of the mob.

  4. Ray says:

    Get out of the Road Ahole you have a right to get ran over.

  5. Laura says:

    Seriously… These idiots think they are making a statement blocking the goods coming in from Asia… while they are all talking on their Asian made cell phones and playing with their Asian made tablets? Let’s stop all this stuff they say they want stopped and see how long they like it. Not to mention…they are keeping many of those people that are NOT the “1%” they believe in from being able to work and support their families. Nice going…

  6. Obama Nation says:

    I hope it hurts………….bunch of idiots

  7. brad says:

    Look at what nice moral people you are. I bet you call yourself christians right? Leave it up to you to be happy and encourage the pain and suffering of normal people just like you. If you really care to know what is going on in these protests read something other than fox news. Are you happy that powerful corporations have enough power to influence policies in the white house? Is that a good thing? Do you like the war on drugs? Do you like paying for it? Do you like wars all around the world? Do you like paying for it? Do you like bank bailouts when you are and your family and friends and community are left to suffer when you make mistakes? Do you like paying for it?

    There were fights and protests when women wanted to vote. There were people like you. When blacks fought for equal treatment it happened because of war and protest and movements. There were people like you. I bet you hate gay people right? You people make me sick…

    1. Linda Heath says:

      These people are nothing but bums. They want something for nothing. Redistribution of wealth. If they want money they can work for it not take from others that DO work for it.

  8. Linda Heath says:

    I think the cops should do just what they want. Leave. It is awful funny when they needed a cop, they expected them to be there. Good for the guy in the car. His life was in danger from these bums. Also, the CPS should take those kids that were there. The parents were endangering their lives. These are just a bunch of bums that expect something for nothing. The school district was telling their teachers to join the protest. Some school district. I would pull my child from that district and home school them.

  9. Tay Tay says:

    The way I see it…you have every right to protest what you believe in Occupy Protester’s……however, you want your local government to respect your right to protest & allow your voice to be heard…..but yet, you don’t want to respect the law in which our lawmakers have put into place. And, if you would not let me go or leave my job in which your issue has nothing to do with me…..you’re gonna get ran over……you don’t have the right to disrupt my RIGHT to make a living and provied for my family. Protest with some common sense & consideration for those who have nothing to do with the issue at hand.

  10. jackie says:

    Thousands protesting is ok but when they prevent other citizens from doing THEIR jobs it is not ok. Preventing big rig drivers from leaving is the same as kidnapping and taking those very expensive trucks, these guys and gals are trying to make a living and it is getting harder all the time with toll roads, gas prices, insurance, places to park, holding those big rigs captive is criminal, they had my support, but when they held up the trucks and Danced on the cab roofs, if this true ,then they should be SHOT for damageing property, leave trucks alone you occupy baskets cases, I don’t like you anymore drop dead. To bad an anonamous do gooder wouldn’t accidently release the brakes on a big rig put it in first step on the gas and run over those occupiers, but they wont, they will go broke because of these phonies.

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