November 1st, one day before the Kings were scheduled to open their 2011 regular season provided plenty of spark for callers today on the Grant Napear Show. With the NBA and the players at a standstill with no resolution in sight, King and NBA fans called in to voice their opinion on the lockout.

Scott Howard-Cooper with joins the show to share his thoughts on the lockout saying, “There is a lot of frustration surrounding the lockout.” He went on to say, there is a lot of money on the line, as a player this is where a lot of money is lost. When asked what kind of effect the lockout will have on the NBA fan base Howard-Cooper said we will not know the true effects of the lockout on fans until next season. As far as scheduling goes Cooper feels that the NBA could not just pick up and go if a solution is reached, the schedule will have to be totally redone. Weighing in on where the Kings sit in the midst of the lockout, Howard-Cooper feels that the lockout will affect the kings; adding “emotions are a big part of it.” Sacramento needed a season to build on the momentum they had after the fight to keep the kings last season. He went on to say that to say that the NBA wants a team in Sacramento. The league sent people out to help the Kings and if the league did not want them where they are that would have never happened.

Big news today out of Oakland, the Oakland Raiders have signed veteran Wide Receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Head coach of the Raiders Hue Jackson joins the show to talk all things Raiders. In response to Housmandzadeh Jackson said, “I see a guy who played for me before, who is very strong working inside, who’s a veteran presence on this football team, knows how to play the type of tempo I’m that looking for with this offense, and I think he can really be a mentor for some of our younger players,” he went on to say; “Here’s a guy who has been in the league for 10 years that’s seen probably every secondary coverage known to man and how linebackers play. He knows how to work really diligently underneath and how guys need to sink their hips and get out of breaks and how to prepare. I think our guys are getting that and are working at it, but I think when you have another pro in the room who has done it at a high level real consistently, I think the guys tend to follow that guy just a little bit more.” When asked about Carson Palmer’s progression coming off the bye week Jackson said, his rhythm and timing as well as his tempo has gotten better. Tied for first place in the AFC West at (4-3) coach Jackson said that “I am happy because it is the record we have earned.” He expanded by saying, “I know this team is excited about playing and we control our destiny.”

Rounding out the show, Brian Baldinger with the NFL Network comes on the show to talk all things NFL. When asked about the Raiders signing Houshmandzadeh and the fact that it is week 8 in the NFL and no team has signed him until now Baldinger said the rest of the league thinks that he is old and finished, and that’s just it; he is old and finished. Expanding on his thoughts he feels Hue Jackson is power hungry and making poor decisions. Baldinger feels that they are better off with the young guys that they have and they should spend their time developing those young players.


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