Today, Grant talked about the NFL, as well as the NBA and some college football. Grant took calls about his top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL, as well as the NBA Lockout, and Grant’s issues with the climate control in the studio. Grant interviewed Chris Landry, Steve Mariucci, and Mike Wilbon.

Chris Landry from Fox Sports radio was on with Grant today to talk football. First they talked about this weekend’s college football matchup between LSU and Alabama. After that they talked about the slate of NFL games for week 9. They talked about the Chargers, Steelers, Saints, Jets, Eagles and Bills.

Steve Mariucci from NFL Network was on with Grant today. He first talked about his average Sunday workday which for him lasts almost a full 24 hours. Then they talked about the momentum gained by San Francisco’s win over Philadelphia and Philadelphia’s momentum gained over their win last week over Dallas. Then they covered some other good teams from around the league.

Mike Wilbon from “Pardon the Interruption” was on with Grant today. They talked about the NBA Lockout, as well as boxing and the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight rumors. After that they finished up talking about the 49ers and Raiders.


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