SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Two suspects are now in police custody after apparently stealing two U-Haul trucks from a Sacramento facility early this morning.

The manager at the facility at El Camino near the Capitol City Freeway called police when he saw people on the lot.

Police arrived just in time to see two trucks being driven off the lot.

One suspect was taken into custody just outside the U-Haul facility.

However, when police tried to stop the second U-Haul, the suspect took off in the stolen truck leading officers on a chase.

The suspect ditched the truck near Northgate Boulevard and El Camino and started running.

After setting up a perimeter and searching the area, police found the second suspect on someone’s property.

Comments (4)
  1. Gene Rossi says:

    Here now is a case where these criminals should be sentenced to 3 years in a work camp (gulag)….where they must work for food. .

  2. me says:

    let me guess they were about 5’8″ about 175 pounds dark hair dark eyes with a mustache.

  3. Travis says:

    This is my store that they stole the trucks from. we have been attempting to get these guys for almost 2 months now. Glad we finally got them this morning. It was quite eventful. Great way to start a Monday morning…. WE GOT EM!!!! We want what is ours, and we will work diligently until we get the people responsible, and recover our property. Theft is not tolerated!!!! Glad Courtney is okay after their truck was hit on garden highway!!!!

  4. termite says:

    I’m sure the people of California , would like to see their tax dollars spent wisely , so why no out source the prison’s inmates Making it safer for the guards. Send them to Russia ,’I’m sure they would do it for a lot less money. I seen on t.v. that there was a prison waiting for inmates that never showed up. It’s in the south or Colorado ? Or change the laws , saying if they are stealing from you on your property , that it would be legal to shoot first .,just like the old west.

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