FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — It’s a movie script — a horror story — but this nightmare played out in broad daylight for a Fairfield woman and her young daughter on Monday.

Michaela Davis, 25, was home alone with her 5-year-old daughter when a man entered her home uninvited Monday afternoon, looking for things to steal.

“Just go in her closet, lock myself in with my daughter, and just pray he didn’t come in and find us,” Davis tells CBS13’s Ben Sosenko of her first instinct as she heard the man trying to break in.

And that’s just what Davis did, sitting in a closet holding on to daughter Tatiana tight as 20-year-old Thomas Stewart broke into her home.

“At first it felt like a movie having him trying to break a window, but knowing he was actually inside the house, I was like ‘ok, this is not a joke anymore, it’s not a movie , it’s real,'” she says.

Shaking with fear, in a whisper, Davis called 911 while Stewart made his way into the same room, the only thing keeping her calm was little Tatiana.

“She was like, ‘it’s ok, it’s ok, don’t cry,'” an emotional Davis says. “She was my angel.”

A couple of minutes later the police showed up. Stewart ran, jumping head-first out of a second floor window, landing in the backyard and then jumping over a fence before being captured by police.

“She did very well,” said Sgt. Randy Boggs of the Fairfield Police Department. “She remained pretty calm with the dispatchers.”

Davis says that Stewart took an iPod and her mother’s engagement ring, but police recovered and returned them. Luckily she and her daughter weren’t hurt, but Davis says it’ll be a while before she feels safe again.

“It’s just sad to know he put fear in my daughter who is only 5,” Davis says.
Stewart was treated at the hospital for injuries he suffered when jumping out of the window.

He was released and then booked at the Solano County Jail on burglary charges.

Comments (5)
  1. Gene Rossi says:

    All thieves should have to forfeit a body organ to a needy person…….

  2. annie says:

    What a nightmare! So glad mom and daughter are safe.

  3. Andy says:

    probably the baby daddy trying to get his share of all the free stuff this leach gets from the state

  4. Lyteesha says:

    Look at what they turned a nice area into. They ruin everything. Put your house up for sale at the first sighting of one of these baby mammas moving into your area because it won’t be long until more show up and then it’s over.

  5. lineswine says:

    Same old story…they move in, just one & crime naturally follows.
    The old crowd start to move out & next thing the area is just another extension of “Ghetto-town, USA”.

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