Today on The Don Geronimo Show, Doni begins with his weekend recap, in which he didn’t go see Jack and Jill, like he had planned, because he spent most of Saturday booking a flights back east for Thanksgiving. He feels bad about it for just a little while, until he finds out Phantom didn’t see it either. Don also tells us about his dinner date with his friends Greg and Janet, and the robotic waitress who served them. We also find out that former DGS intern Jordan is now very involved with his church. The guys then talk about the NFL games on Sunday, specifically, the the major overtime coaching blunder in the Atlanta/ New Orleans game, and the debacle that was Chicago vs. Detroit.

Good Day Sacramento stops by for their “Mancave Monday” segment, and instead of having pictures of Dave’s real mancave, Little Joe sent them pictures of “1950’s rumpus rooms.” The guys aren’t entirely sure how the bit went over with the folks at Good Day, as they cut off the segment without ever saying goodbye to the fellas. We also hear about a Psychology professor at Sacramento State who cancelled classes because his students didn’t bring him snacks. Don decides he wants this guy on the show, and even leaves a voicemail on the professor’s office line at the University. After hearing a few lousy Black Sabbath parody songs in light of their reunion and upcoming tour, Don makes his weekly call to Green Bay to see how the town is gearing up for the Packers/Vikings game tonight. First, the “Lion’s Den Adult Store.” This time around, Don has Slow Joe Ardinger make the call. The manager of the store is his usual charming self. Next up is the “Brett Favre Steakhouse,” and a visit with our good friend Katherine. We then hear about the backlash porn star Sasha Grey is receiving after reading to Los Angeles elementary school students. This for some reason reminds Dave of the Compton High School Mascot, and he enlightens us as to what it is.

Don just got the 2011 Book of Lists, and goes through a few of them with us, such as “Nations with more pigs/goats/camels than people,” and “Average penis lengths for animals.” Don then decides to look up rhinocerous and monkey porn videos on youtube. It is then time to play “Stump The Stoop.” Today, the year is 1971, and the guys only get 31 songs into it before Don goes into an epic talk-up for Elton John’s live version of “Funeral For A Friend.” We also hear a Taiwanese man singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” a Dalai Lama joke that doesn’t go over too well on the Australian Today Show, and a San Francisco news anchor’s “murdered and set on fire while celebrating his birthday” clip.

After Don reads Craig’s Friday show recap, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Among the stories today, Herman Cain’s lead is slipping in the GOP polls, another Occupy Oakland police raid, myths about Black Friday, and the past weekend’s box office numbers. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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