STOCKTON (CBS13) – Stockton firefighters watched a home burn to the ground.  It’s all they could do after getting reports there could be explosives buried beneath the house.

Firefighters were called to an abandoned home on Palm Avenue near East Harding Way and West Lane before midnight.

When they arrived, neighbors warned firefighters they believed the home’s owner, who has been in jail, may have buried C-4 or plastic explosives under the home.

“He supposedly buried explosives under the house. He was trying to sell them around the neighborhood,” said neighbor George Perez. “I told firefighters about them but they said they weren’t worried because they would have to be electronically discharged.”

After discussing the possibility of explosives inside the home with the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department’s bomb squad firefighters decided the safest option was to step back and let the fire burn itself out.

The home burned throughout the night. Firefighters now believe the reports of explosives were false, but had to be extra cautious in fighting the blaze.

Investigators believe squatters were inside the abandoned home when it caught fire. Neighbors say the home has been a spot for drug use for years since the homeowner went to jail.

“I knew something was going to happend, call it a matter of wait and see,” said neighbor Deloris Foster, who was not sorry to see the home burn. “It looked like a party house. It was destroyed. There were holes in the walls.”

Neighbors suspect drug use was happening in the home recently.

Fire fighters say if there were any C-4 explosives under the house, they would have been destroyed by the fire.

The destroyed home will now be turned over to the city and county code enforcement for clean up.

Fire fighters have not officially announced the cause of the blaze.

No injuries were reported.

Comments (11)
  1. mike says:

    Some one wanted that house out of the neighborhood for good and I don’t blame them.

  2. sam says:

    yeah i agree sounds like the neighbors did some quick thinking .out thought the overpaid heroes.

    1. Lance Neufeld says:

      “Overpadi heroes”? When’s the last time your sorry @ss ran into a burning building? What a tool…

  3. sam says:

    did for free for 20 years lance called a volunteer lance. and fire fighters do not run into buildings.too much movies for you lance

  4. Flygirl says:

    @Sam you should be ashamed of yourself. Our civil servants such as Firefighters and Police Officers can NEVER be overpaid. They do what they do to keep you safe, to save your loved ones, to rescue YOU when the need arises. Would you head into disaster when everyone is running out? How much would you need to make to put your life on the line for a complete stranger? Can’t imagine that you would. If you think firefighters are overpaid, you must really be IGNORANT. Yes, some do get paid very well (and they deserve it) but a FF salary averages $42K in the US (not a heck of a lot). Oh and there are a good number of volunteer FF as well… I think I would consider that grossly underpaid…

    1. sam says:

      oh yeah they are all angels maybe you should read the news more about the wonder full civil servants fire and police that watched thats right watched a man drown in alameda recently.look it up under alameda drowning.let see what you have to say after you read this article.they dont for you an me they do it for the money.and flygirl read the news.

  5. firegirl says:

    You sound like a bitter loser. Volunteer? In prison? LOL, Methinks someone couldn’t cut the academy and now holds a grudge.
    Get a life and learn to type English, you idiot.

  6. Flygirl says:

    I do read the news and I did read and see that article about the drowning. And yes it did upset me… It is a shame that that happened BUT it is one of a few incidents to the numerous good doings. There is always some bad to all good and no one is perfect. Just like there are people like you that can’t see the value in the overall good of what the vast majority of these civil servants do… Don’t generalize the whole because of a few bad eggs. You might also want to get a grip on your grammar skills… Your ignorance is showing through in more ways than one… and that’s IMHO!

  7. allen king says:

    sounds like all of you need to get a life.very bitter room for different views.

    1. FF2000 says:

      @ Allen.. and what did you contribute to this thread??? Apparently you may be the one that needs to “get a life” since all you’ve done is read through the posts but offer no value to the comments.

  8. tammy grant says:

    sorry folks,but sam and allen are fictitous persons designed for the study of the reactions of readers.a paper for a class at my high school.did not mean to upset anyone

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