Today’s edition of The Carmichael Dave Show started as an open phone day to talk about whatever you the fans want! Was it the San Francisco 49ers moving to 8-1 with a win over the New York Giants? Was it the Penn State situation? Was it the Stanford vs Oregon game? Dave took your calls and most centered around the 49ers, and whether or not people will start considering them the Number 2 ranked team in the NFL after this win or will people continue to discredit them. News broke in the middle of the show the NBA Players have rejected the most recent offer from the NBA and now plan to de-certify and file an anti-trust lawsuit against the NBA. What this means is that the chances of there being a season got a lot less likely. Dave had Sam Amick on to discuss this late breaking news, as well as explain what is going to happen next and if he thinks there will be a season or not. We played audio from the press conferences that included NBA Commissioner David Stern, Players Union rep Derek Fisher and also Billy Hunter.


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