SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Some religious students are asking Sacramento State to open a prayer room for all denominations, but although university officials are supportive of the idea, they say tight resources may not allow them to move forward with the concept soon.

The Muslim Student Association said a number of students have been forced to choose creative locations to pray five times a day. While it can be uncomfortable to kneel on grass or sidewalks after a storm, safety has emerged as a bigger concern.

“I’ve heard of kids praying in the parking structures,” said Aida Sellmic.

Other colleges, including UC Berkeley, Georgetown University, University of Portland and Trinity College all offer prayer rooms for all religious students, and Sacramento State officials said they are open to the idea.

“Obviously, the biggest hurdle is resources and the space,” said spokesperson Kim Nava.

California State University trustees approved a 9 percent tuition hike during a tumultuous meeting Wednesday, and the Legislative Analyst’s Office warned that $2 billion in spending cuts to schools and state services will automatically be triggered at the first of the year.

Sacramento State officials said they plan to speak with UC Berkeley officials this week to discuss ways to implement the prayer room.

Comments (46)
  1. eric says:

    as Christians of various denominations we need separate rooms
    and a place to light candles

    1. Ahmed says:

      Turn the candles OFF!!! If they are lit you will be able to see Christians committing disgusting acts like sodomy, drug abuse, homosexuality, voting for Obama, rape, etc. I wish they did not exist (Christians, not candles)

      1. Marc Sac says:

        Looks like Ahmed’s parents are in Gitmo. Sad Ahmed needs a camel and a ticket back to the s@#thole he came from. Bomb you later Ahmed.

  2. Skinner says:

    Seems there comes a time to make a choice between a four year education and life long religion. If you want a room, go rent one, if you want an education, go to class.

  3. pumpkinpie says:

    One does not need a special room to pray and you do not need to pray five times during school time either. Pray in the morning in your own room, pray when you get back to your room, pray before going to bed at night, go to your own churchs to light your candles. if you don’t have a church near school skip the candle lighting, its not necessary to be worthy of heaven some day. Candles can be a fire hazzard not necessary on school grounds

    1. Lokari says:

      Clearly, pumpkinpie, you’re ignorant of the requirements of Islam. Muslims are required to pray five times a day. It is one of the fundamental tenants of their faith. The prayers don’t have to be performed in a special room – however, the students do need safe places to pray, which is all they’re asking for. And, bonus, they don’t want it just for themselves, but for students of all faiths who need a quiet, safe place to exercise their religion.

    2. Sandy Garrett says:

      Pumpkinpie …you are either incredibly ignorant or incredibly insensitive….I am a Christian but I am well aware that those who follow Islam have their requirements just as any faith does and in America you have a right to practice your chosen faith. The fact that they have asked for a place for all denominations speaks volumes for those that have requested it. Who are you to make such a crass statement? Perhaps you should pray…and ask to be cured of your ignorance and intolerance.

  4. aar says:

    We used to call our prayer room “The Pub”

  5. Stormy Summer says:

    This is stupid! You attend school to be educated period!. Pray on your own time. We tax payers are tired of having to pay for things that are not needed and students are tired of fee hikes.

    1. Sandy Garrett says:

      Stormy…practicing your chosen faith is a right as an American. How about the students actually PAY your student loans back so there isn’t such a strain on Americans. The universities make the decisions on your tuition and Cost of Attendance. The government supplies student loan funds thru taxpayer monies and grants. I have talked to many students who only want the free money or take the loans and don’t pay it back. Education is important but college is not an entitlement. The cost of education falls to your family first…student loans come into play when your family and/or you cannot afford it. The strain comes from students and parents who don’t pay the loans back and I don’t see how designating a little or no longer used room for students to pray in has anything to do with taxpayer money.

  6. helicohunter says:

    Wow! Those are some amazingly hateful and ignorant comments. How many Christians are told that they must abandon their Christianity if they want an education? I’m an atheist, but I believe that freedom of religion is important. Christians can pray anywhere, yet many campuses have associated churches where Christians can stop during the day. Muslim prayer rituals are a lot more complicated, and a devout Muslim HAS to pray 5 times a day. IF a student lives in a dorm, that would be a good place. Many live off campus. I don’t think that a quiet room that can be used to read, read, pray, meditate, or just relax is too big of an accomodation, although current budget constrainst do factor in.

    1. jen says:

      I’m an atheist, too. Nobody ask to abandon their religion, just asking you do it on your own time and place. School is for education.

      1. Sandy Garrett says:

        Just because you are an Atheist does not give you the right to determine where those who have faith should pray. Their faith requires prayer a specific times if the day and they have the right to practice their faith. These students pay to attend school just like you do and they have the right to request a safe place to practice their Constitutionally protected right to practice the religion or faith of their choice and you do not have the right to deny them that right.

  7. SAMCRO says:

    I have a suggestion, go to a Muslim college.

    1. helicohunter says:

      How many Muslim colleges are there in the US? Devoutly Christian children are not limited to Christian colleges- they can go anywhere. Same for Jews. A person of ANY religion should be able to go to any college. A prayer room just for Muslims at a publc college would violate the Constitution, but what about a quiet room that anyone can use? Doesn’t seem too much to ask.

      1. jusDav says:

        I am just anybody, so could I use it for during school day sex with a willing partner if I promise to be quite? just asking, cuz that would be ubercool.

      2. jusDav says:


      3. Sandy Garrett says:

        Apparently you didn’t read the whole article…it clearly states “Some religious students are asking Sacramento State to open a prayer room for all denominations” I agree with your statement however the indication is for any denomination.

    2. Ahmed says:

      I have a suggestion, you should have sex with Jesus Christ. Afterwards you should make love to a Catholic priest.

  8. swell says:

    How hard is it to set aside a room or two for a prayer space? Not very. How big an imposition it is to set aside a room or two for a prayer space? Not very. Then what is the big problem? Muslims asked for it. Why is it a big deal? Because people are afraid of Muslims because of an overreaction to a few fanatics committing acts contrary to the Muslim faith on 9/11/2001. Grow up people. If we stop reacting with fear and hatred, then we take the tools of terrorism out of the hands of the terrorists.

    1. Ahmed says:

      I personally don’t want Christians allowed to pray in any public institution. Why? Because they will use it as an excuse to Sandusky young children. Christians=sick and twisted people

  9. Me Mine says:

    Who cares about people practicing their ancient superstions!

    1. helicohunter says:

      Ummm….Christian rituals also count as ancient superstitions. Some Christians believe that they are actually eating the body of Christ at communion. One religion’s ancient superstitions are no sillier than those of another religion. I think they’re all silly, but freedom of religion is the law.

    2. Sandy Garrett says:

      me mine…it is the right of all Americans to practice their faith. I am offended by your comment but respect your right to make the comment. Your moniker ‘Me Mine’ speaks loads about you….BTW…all of you who think they do not have the right to request a safe place to pray should perhaps read the constitution and if you don’t agree with the constitution then perhaps you should not take students loans funded by AMERICANS,

  10. jackie says:

    Well swell you have alot of nerve, obviously you don’t pay taxes people are NOT AFRAID of Muslims jerk, many of our young men and women are fighting right at this moment to protect us and you so you can post any \thing you want. You must be the one acting with fear and hatred being that you know so much about it, tools ? they used our own airplanes, bragged about it before hand in topless bars(some devoted muslims in a toples bar planning to kill innocent working american citizens) gag. The government banned prayer in our schools and now you think these precious, sweet muslims should have rights that were taken away from our own kids. Now I have read everything. They can pray in the library or outside under the trees until the no-prayer police make them leave.

    1. helicohunter says:

      Well, Christian abortion opponents, neo-Nazis, KKK members, and antisemitics have left a lot of children orphaned. They have bombed churches and homes. I guess that means all Christians shoulld lose their rights.

    2. swell says:

      Excuse me. I didn’t attack anyone with hate-filled speech. I spoke respectfully to everyone, but explained the behavior I saw. Your attack is rude and out of line.

    3. Ahmed says:

      The real problem with the prayer room is that Christian students will sodomize each other in it.

  11. MAC49 says:

    What happened to seperation of church and state? Oh pardon me is that just for Christianity. Muslims have priority. tax payers money is being wasted for enough ignorant stuff. If their prayer time comes in the middle of a class, then Stopp everything they must go Pray. BULL JUST STOP IT!

    1. helicohunter says:

      Read the article. They want a room that will be available to those of ALL faiths. To make it really fair, it shouldn’t even be called a prayer room. Some people (esp. autistic) become very stressed by noise and chaos. A quiet room to just relax and chill could benefit many.

      1. sassafrass says:

        Ah poor helicohunter has never been in a libary, how sad him don’t know how quiet they all are. I will say it again the government took prayers out of OUR schools, do you think they will reverse that outrageous decision to allow prayer rooms at schools.. Thanks to our government we have basic moral values on the decline. Boy heli are you ever living in the past, back to the present, back to the future, are you related to rip Van Winkle by any chance?

    2. Ahmed says:

      When Christians like your best friend and devout Christian Jerry Sandusky stop molesting children then they will be allowed to pray in schools again. Why are so many of you into young children?

  12. URFULOFIT says:

    Don’t worry…this HOAX of religion will soon be irrelevant for two major reasons. Modern science is giving religion a serious beat-down with each new discovery. But mostly…THESE obnoxious, in-your-face tactics designed to FORCE religion on people are a turn off. Those tactics turn off potential recruits also. So the numbers of religious members continues its decline over the last two decades. So how’s that workin’ for ya’, Mr. Born Again?

    1. MAC49 says:

      Read the Bible, hows the world working for you. It was something that was wrote hundreds of years ago and it is telling you what will happen, and it is happening. So hows that working for you? The Holy Bible is not a Hoax. It’s telling what is going to happen, and its dead on. So keep speaking and living the way you and others are and when it is proven, no one will be around to tell you…I TOLD YOU SO. So I’m telling you now, before hand. I TOLD YOU SO!

      1. drunk homo says:

        Why does the Bible command good Christians to have anal sex?

      2. MAC49 says:

        Your really sick, there is no where in the Bible that says that, anywhere!

  13. sassafrass says:

    URFULOFIT if GOD had not created things for science to study they would have nota to study lol, ur so funny and silly. If God had not given this planet breathable air we would not have been born lol silly

  14. Lucifer Freud says:

    Serious question–would the room be available for Satan worshippers?

    1. Ahmed says:

      Serious question- Why do so many Christians molest children?

      1. MAC49 says:

        If they were devout Christians, they never would have done such a thing. That is standard practice in other countries. It is not considered molestation,It is normal for other countries, but so is having sex with animals. And by no means is that exceptible in any Christian Faith. Because it is done, does not mean it is right. But you keep your belief if that is what you really believe, and may God be with you in time of need. God Bless!

  15. sharpone says:

    Across the street there are a few churches. Maybe ask them for help? Newman Center was started as a club. That might be insriration for you. After you graduate, don’t forget how difficult it was and do what you can to help the new kids.

  16. Ahmed says:

    Christianity is for losers. Most of Jerry Sandusky’s rapes took place in Christian prayer rooms.

  17. pumpkinpie says:

    You are an athiest Ahmed ok your choice, but stop putting christianity in the toidy because of a few perverted men who masquerade as chritians to do their horrible deeds, they are “NOT”christians they are satanists that is why christians and others need to be diligent, the Cathilic church was infiltrated by gay pedifiles and NO one including the poop ah pope did a thing to put a stop to it, business as usual, mass as usual. The Bible warns of these imposters and what wicked evil things they cleverly do. Christ tells what will happen to these monsters that harm children and its not for the weak minded.

    1. Ahmed says:

      Supporting Christianity and reading the Bible would be like supporting a rapist and I wouldn’t do that.

  18. usa#1 says:

    you cannot have ANY prayer going on at a public institution.
    separation of church and state

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