EL DORADO HILLS (CBS13) — She says her husband terrorized her family and beat her mercilessly for years. Richard Hamlin’s now serving life in prison but could be paroled as early as next week. His family wants to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Their childhoods were spent living in terror.

“He was fond of hitting us all with books,” his son Alec told CBS13’s Checkey Beckford on Tuesday.

“A couple of times I was afraid he was going to shoot my mom,” said daughter Jenn.

“It was just every day constantly living in fear,” said daughter Clare.

A one-time prominent prosecutor and defense attorney, Richard Hamlin was sentenced to life in prison in 2006 after his tortured family broke their silence.

“He took me to the sheriff’s office to confess to molesting my children and I saw that as an opportunity to get out,” his wife, Susan Hamlin, said.

But police didn’t buy her bizarre story, one that included satanic cults, prostitution and molestation — all thought up by a delusional Richard Hamlin.

“He’d had me doing rehearsal sessions of this confession for months at gunpoint and he audio taped several of them,” Susan said.

But after that trip to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office in 2004, there would be no more terror for this family. Richard was arrested, and their nightmare was over, although the scars still remain.

“I haven’t been able to attend school because of anxiety,” Jenn, 14 said.

Jenn, Clare, 16, and Alec, 19, say that despite the terror they lived through, they’ve managed to eek out some semblance of a normal life. But the family now worries that could all change if Richard Hamlin is granted parole on Monday.

“He would always say he would send someone to kill us even if he was in jail,” Susan said. “I think the same delusions that motivated the violence is still there. I think he’s still dangerous.”

Despite the devastating abuse they suffered at Richard’s hands, the family plans to attend this parole hearing and every one to come to make sure parole officials know they want Richard Hamlin to stay behind bars.

“I do kinda want to see him, just so that I can see what he looks like now,” Clare said. “That question that’s always in my mind is like, why he did it to us.”

The family says they have no plans of moving if Hamlin is released. If they did that, he would have in fact won, they said.

Richard Hamlin’s eldest son, Ryan, recently back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan, will also attend the parole hearing to oppose his father’s release.

Comments (8)
  1. JC says:

    Let his ass stay in prison, his family has suffered enough.

    1. MAC49 says:

      Amen! Let him pay with his life in prison. He destroyed four peoples life, his three children and his wife, that’s a small price he’s paying for what he has done to those people. Let him rot there.

    2. gna says:

      Whenever they consider letting a violent criminal like this out on parole, the criminal should have to spend a year with each person on the parole board to
      see if they can manage the freedom…..?

      I bet there would be alot less of this malarkey if this was a law….

  2. Ginger Reese says:

    I thought he got life, not 5 years. Let him do at least 30 years. He still isn’t ready for life on the ooutside.

  3. Laura Lee Dykstra says:

    Family satanism. His brother has a blog called “Lucy Hell”… does a magazine called “Secret Societies”… and is all about satanism. Christianity is a real religion. Satanism is a real religion. I think that people who watch a lot of tv relegate reality to fantasy and accept fantasy as reality. This is a woman who says she lied in her first discussion with police. Police did nothing. Refused to arrest her or arrest her father after she made a detailed confession and set of allegation. THEN, she tells them “What they want to hear!”… and turns to accuse her husband. IMMEDIATELY they arrest him. Wait just a minute. The same woman gives one testimony – and a SWORN CONFESSION IN A STATEMENT TO POLICE – nope, they don’t want to hear that. Nothing done. Gives a DIFFERENT TESTIMONY – yep, they want to hear that! Immediately arrest her husband. Real selective hearing and selective enforcement and selective prosecution. Targeting those they pick and choose to target; protecting from enforcement and prosecution those they pick and choose to protect. That’s corruption, collusion and conspiracy. Period. Clearly, the police had a vested interested in NOT breaking up a pedophile ring. Vested interest. And a vested interest in silencing the family member who brought her to confess and testify against powerful wealthy persons. The father had a lot of money and government ties/duties. Well, friends, if you are that connected… the police will coverup your crimes too. Perhaps they are engaging in the network of criminal activity they coverup. People who “rah rah” this man’s conviction… well, maybe someday your child will be raped by a rich and influential man with government ties… and police connections… and maybe you’ll end up in jail on trumped up charges. About then… you’ll get the way the game is played… and was played here.

  4. I am in shock this guy didn’t get life without the possibility of parole! He may be out of the lives of his wife and children, but his monstrous acts could haunt them forever. I hope I am wrong!

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