Jason Ross in for Grant Napear today on the Grant Napear show, and with the NBA lockout officially over the Sacramento Kings buzz is beginning to resurface in the city of Sacramento and the fans showed just that today calling in and expressing their excitement about an NBA season getting underway.

First on the show, Scott Howard Cooper with NBA.com joins the show to talk about the big NBA news that the NBA lockout has come to a close. In response to whether there is a clear winner and loser in the agreement Cooper said, “No, the players and owners just had to come to and understanding.” With the schedule being a little compressed due to the regular season starting on December 25th, Cooper said that we took a hit but we did not lose an entire season, that is something to feel good about.” On the other hand, Cooper feels that teams need to be careful saying, “If a team has a bad start it is going to be harder to get out of the hole due to the very tight schedule this year.”

Next on the show Former Dallas Cowboy, and Fox Sports broadcaster Daryl Johnston comes on the show to talk NFL. Starting things off with the 49ers and his thoughts on how they would do in the playoffs, Johnston said, “I look at San Fran and I wonder how they would respond if they were down 14-0 to the Packers or the Saints. If that happens the 49ers have to be able to get to Rodgers or Brees if they want a chance to win.” Looking at the other side of the bay at the Oakland Raiders, they seem to be in a good position as the season moves into crunch time. The question however still remains, did Oakland give up too much for Carson Palmer? Johnston responded by saying, “You have to look 2 years down the road to see if the move to get him was too costly.” Will the Raiders be able to keep producing next season or the year after with Palmer? This season it seems like you can’t have a quarterback conversation without bringing up Tim Tebow. “It’s a quarterback league; you can’t keep winning with this style of play. Although he is 5-1 as a starter it is just a matter of time before the hits pile up for Tebow.”

Head coach of the Oakland Raiders, Hue Jackson joins the Grant Napear show in his weekly installment. In response to how well his team is playing right now, coach Jackson said, “No question we want to continue doing what we are doing. By no means do we have a finished product but we are working towards it.” The Raiders are the most penalized team in the NFL, however last week the Raiders cut down on mistakes. “I think our players understand we need to get our arms around it before it becomes a problem down the stretch.” Coach Jackson said on his teams no found focus. Looking ahead to next week’s matchup vs. the Miami Dolphins, Coach Jackson feels that Miami plays very well at home. “We are going to have our work cut out for us.” Jackson said.

Closing out the show Brian Baldinger with the NFL Network joins the show to share his thoughts on all things Football both college and NFL. Baldinger shared his thoughts on who he feels is a clear Heisman Trophy winner saying that although Andrew Luck is playing well and has got a lot of buzz, there is no clear winner in his eyes right now. Switching gears into the NFL and the news coming out of Detroit; Ndamunkong Suh has been suspended for two games by the NFL due his actions in the Thanksgiving matchup vs. the Packers. Baldinger expanded on this by saying, “I don’t believe he is a dirty player, but that was a dirty play. That was a 7-0 game at that point. It was a stupid play and it may cost them a playoff spot this year.”


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