Don begins the day by talking about the back window of Dave’s car getting smashed in during last Friday’s show, and his golf clubs being stolen. The surveillance camera caught the guy snooping around the parking lot, and some of the guys at the station, including Noodles, Engineer Aaron, and Pat & Tom, went into CSI mode in trying to find the thief. The guys also talk about Noodles being single after a 4 month relationship, and going on Twitter and Facebook to make the announcement. We got the new ratings, and Don just keeps going up, while the morning show hacks across the street (Rob, Arnie and Dawn) keep going down. Good Day Sacramento bailed out of their usual Monday morning visit today, and Don and the guys wonder if it has anything to do with their good natured mocking of Good Day’s “Man Cave Monday” segment.

Don flew down to L.A. to meet with his agent on Friday, and got to visit the new Terminal B at Sacramento Intl. Airport. While he does think there are plenty of great new things at the terminal, like the Good Day Sacramento store, he finds the big red rabbit hanging in the air stupid, pointless, and a waste of $1 mil. Don then tells us about his meeting, in which his agent Bob wore a goofy looking Woody Allen jacket that Don and the G.M. for the San Diego station made fun of all meeting. Don also tells us about Janet losing her phone on Saturday night, and the hysterical madness that ensued, including a return visit to the Sizzler they ate at, and a scan through the parking lot, only to find that her phone was left in the backyard!

After a discussion of Don’s favorite Christmas movie, A Christmas Story, and playing a few clips from the classic, Don goes through his library of sounds, and comes across numerous clips that were aired on the show many months ago, and haven’t seen the light of day since, like a few of East Coast Bob’s phone calls, Brett Michaels’ singing lessons, and Samuel Jackson’s reading of “Go The F-ck To Sleep.” We then get another visit from ESPN’s Mark Schlereth, who talks with the guys about Tim Tebow’s performance against the Vikings, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett icing his own kicker, the Houston Texans still finding ways to win, and does the “Miami Flu” really exist?

Don then goes through a series of random news stories and clips, including the passing of the redneck in Deliverance’s “Squeal like a pig” scene at the age of 80, a Chicago news reporter sying “There is no Santa Claus,” and fans yelling “Mashed potato!” every time Tiger Woods teed off at the Chevron Challenge over the weekend. Don also tells us about two Christmas websites he found: one that “rents” toys out to parents, and one that sells Christmas “adult” toys. We then hear about the X Factor judges receiving death threats from viewers for eliminating a popular contestant, and Dane Cook saying he’s done with stand up comedy.

It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Among the stories today: New Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine wants Bill Buckner as an assistant, Madonna will be performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and Danica Patrick’s tramp stamp. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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