By Michelle Ventress

I was on a mission to get a local’s opinion of Sacramento’s bar scene and figured I might as well enjoy
some tasty fro-yo in the process. Apparently, I’m the only one in the area who enjoys both frozen yogurt and beer (not at the same time, of course), because there was no one interested in chatting about their favorite bar at my go-to yogurt place. A quick trip next door to Buffalo Wings and Rings, located off of Sheldon Rd. and Elk Grove Florin was definitely a better place to start.

Michael, the manager at Buffalo Wings and Rings, was kind enough to take some time out of his evening to share his thoughts. He gets bonus points because he’s originally from England and really knows his beer.

michael e1317234296430 Citizen Scene Spotter: Sacramento Area Nightlife and Bars

Photo Credit: Michelle Ventress

Name: Michael
Age: 27
How long have you lived in the area? 9 years
Occupation: Manager at Buffalo Wings and Rings

Where is your favorite place to see live music? Probably Elk Grove Sports Bar. That’s really the only place I’ve been to see live music at a bar. In addition to live music, they also have karaoke on a regular

wings e1317234382924 Citizen Scene Spotter: Sacramento Area Nightlife and Bars

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Best Date Bar? Buffalo Wings and Rings, of course! It’s comfortable and has a friendly atmosphere. Plus,

there are always sports on TV here. It’s a pretty relaxed place to bring a date.

Best Happy Hour or After Work Bar: I’m biased, but we have Happy Hour here all day till 6. I don’t know
of many other places that do that. It’s good for people who get out of work at different times too.

Best Place to go Dancing: The Park downtown. The dancing’s always good there.

out dancing e1317234320741 Citizen Scene Spotter: Sacramento Area Nightlife and Bars

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Favorite Drink: Newcastle or Smithwicks… it’s an Irish ale.

Favorite Place to take friends: We have a lot of events here, so it’s always a good place to take friends,
but it really depends on the friends. There are a lot of options in the area.

Michelle Ventress is a freelance writer who lives in the Sacramento area with her husband. When not
writing, Michelle enjoys traveling, gardening and volunteering.

  1. River City Saloon says:

    Nice, how about a frozen yogurt beer shake?

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