Busy day today on the Grant Napear show, with the start of the NBA season right round the corner there is a lot to talk about. Kings fans all showed their excitement all show calling in to talk roster moves, early matchups, and how well the Kings will do this season.

First on the show, Carl Banks an analyst for New York sports radio joins the show to talk NY Giants football. First talking about last week’s matchup between the Giants and the Packers Banks said; “It was a playoff atmosphere. It was a game that the Giants needed to win, or play a hell of a football game and they did that.” In response to where the Giants playoff’s hopes are at this point in the season, Banks replied; “The Giants are still alive until they are dead; right now they need to focus on the Cowboys.” Sharing his thoughts on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Banks said; “Watching this kid play, you see him in person, and you see him on film, and you see him throw the ball with pitcher like accuracy.” He went on to say, “A guy that can get first downs with his legs becomes a double threat.”

Next through the revolving door of guest was former NY Giants Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms. When asked about Aaron Rodgers Simms replied, “What he had to deal with early in his career with the Brett Farve dance, it is amazing to see what he is doing now.” He continued to say, “When you look at his ability to throw on the run it is amazing to think that he might be the best we have ever seen.” Switching gears and taking about the Oakland Raiders and Darren McFadden, Simms said, “What he can bring, when he is not on the field it changes the whole offense.” When asked about Carson Palmer, Simms replied, “If he has a chance to play with everybody healthy then we will see what he can do.”

Next on the show was Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. Speaking first about the NBA Rodgers said, “For them to figure it out and get 66 games, it is good for the league.” When asked about last week’s win over the NY Giants Rodgers said, “It was a good win for us. Those are fun wins. It does a lot for the confidence to be able to go down the field and win.” “You have to remember where you came from. It took a lot of hard work to get to where I am today, and it’s going to take a lot of more hard work to stay on top of my game.” Rodgers said in response to how he is able to stay so grounded. Sharing his thoughts on Packers linebacker Clay Mathews Rodgers said, “Clay is playing on a high level. His pass rush and the way he demands a double team, he makes a direct impact on the game every snap.”

Continuing the guest fest, Pat Forde with yahoo Sports joins the show to talk college football. “Most people that are big enough college football fans will watch more than just the Rose bowl, but as far as good TV, there are not that many good matchups in the Bowl games.” Forde said when asked about this year’s Bowl games. When asked if in the near future we will see a new system of determining a national champion Forde said, “I don’t know, 5 years ago I would have thought that we would have had it figured out.”

Last but not least, Charles Davis with the NFL Network closes out the show talking a little college football. With the Heisman watch in full swing Davis feels that this year there in no clear player that is dominating the voting saying, “This year we don’t have a player that week in and week out you lean in that direction.” He went on to say, “Andrew luck has fallen off the pace, it’s hard to be under the microscope all year because people become numb to what he is doing.”


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