SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — After four hours of testimony with virtually no conflict at the state Capitol on Wednesday afternoon, a student confronted UC Davis chancellor Linda Katehi in the hallway.

“I’ve been contacting you every single day, calling your office,” Jerica Heinze said to Chancellor Katehi after Katehi addressed legislators in a hearing at the Capitol.

Heinze says she was suffering from a lung infection when she inhaled pepper spray during the Nov. 18 incident on the campus quad.

“Why is it I have to drive all the way down here and corner you in a hallway?” Heinze asked Katehi.

Heinze came to the Capitol to hear what Katehi had to say in front of the joint Education Committee, and she left dissatisfied.

“It’s always painful to sit and listen to the rhetoric of the chancellor and President Yudof,” she said. “It’s very frustrating.”

UC President Mark Yudof sat before the committee for nearly 30 minutes, making a statement condemning the use of pepper spray but not sticking around to talk to reporters.

“I thought the hearing was fine,” was all he would say on his way out the building.

Katehi told the committee the same thing she told the student body last month, that she takes responsibility but did not give the order to use force.

“I think it was a very productive hearing,” she said.

Assemblyman Marty Block, a San Diego Democrat and chairman of the Assembly Higher Education Committee, asked Katehi what she would have done differently that day.

Katehi responded, “If I knew the police could not remove the tents peacefully, we would not have removed them.”

But despite the testimony of university officials, former police chiefs, attorneys and students, there were no solutions presented to make sure the incident would not be repeated.

“They have to do a thorough investigation as to why it happened, so we’ll wait until that investigation concludes itself,” said Assemblyman Paul Fong.

Also Wednesday, the state attorney general declined a request to investigate the pepper-spraying. The attorney general’s office says it believes the incident can be thoroughly investigated on a local level. The Yolo County sheriff and district attorney had asked for Attorney General Kamala Harris’ help because of the national fallout from the incident.

(The Associated Press contributed to this story.)

Comments (4)
  1. joseph says:

    if you havent seen the entire video (shot by one of the protesters) you see the entire thing as the students surrounded the police officers… the officers gave numerous warnings, as the student shouted “let them go (arrestees) and we’ll let you go” that is a threat folks… These kids need to be all charged with lynching… The chancellor should be removed for being so damn blind to the facts on video… I urge you to watch it on youtube before you respond either way

  2. elliott the Cat says:

    This lady can’t even speak english !

    La la Bla Bla Bla , Where the hell is she from, Planet Dumb @$$

  3. Linda Heath says:

    Why don’t you guys tell the full story about this pepper spraying. That is what is wrong with the media and why I do not watch 13 news. Tell the full story. Those protesters deserved to be pepper sprayed. They encircled the officers. The officers warned them several times to let them through. They also warned them individually. Those protesters should have all been arrested. Start telling the truth in the news.


    Students surrounding the police and holding the police hostage until their demands were met to release those who were already in custody? And students instigating the police by yelling “f**k the police?” I saw the extended video on YouTube and it CLEARLY shows that the students were AT FAULT. I felt sorry for these students, but now I – and most people now – do not. KCRA and KTXL showed the video currently showing on YouTube, but why hasn’t CBS 13 showed it? CBS 13 is so gun-ho on just showing the actual pepper spray incident, even though the ENTIRE video is posted online and given out to media outlets for free. Come on CBS 13, tell and show your viewers THE DAMN TRUTH!! The video doesn’t lie. (you may need to copy and paste).

    And as for this Jerica Heinze person, I don’t feel sorry for her at all whatsoever. I’m happy that she’s suffering from the consequences of her dumb actions. Jerica should have used her brains and got the hell up out of the way after the officers warned the crowd TWICE that they were going to be sprayed if they didn’t move. Jerica and those other protesters should be in jail for obstruction of justice. WHY AREN’T PROSECUTERS AND THE YOLO COUNTY D.A. DOING THEIR JOBS AND PROSECUTING THESE STUDENTS FOR OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE??? A few good years in prison will put these individuals in check.

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