SACRAMENTO (AP) — A Sacramento judge has sentenced a parolee convicted of animal abuse to serve 10 years in state prison and ordered him to register as a sex offender.

The Sacramento Bee reports that 55-year-old Robert DeShields was ordered to serve the prison sentence Friday after being convicted of felony animal cruelty for the sexual abuse of a Chihuahua mix named “Shadow.”

The newspaper says the dog suffered severe injuries that required surgery and now lives in a foster home.

During Friday’s hearing, Sacramento County Deputy District Attorney Hilary Bagley Franzoia argued that DeShields be should treated as a sexual offender for the rest of his life because he is a danger to society.

Bagley says it may be the first time that Jessica’s Law has been applied in a case involving sexual abuse of an animal.

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    1. Kapt.Kirk says:

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  2. wake up roseville says:

    Take a look around, these are the people the dogooders are feeding and clothing for free…………look at the Salvation ARmy in Roseville, Friday and Saturday only, the top using, sex registrents all hang around there it is a magnent for them.

    1. Kapt.Kirk says:

      So it’s the other people.Well your the other people too.Man helps his fellow man and all you got is move them on? You don’t give a rats rear about that dog as long as your agenda is pushed forward.It was those commie bell ringers that ruin everything.Is that about right you repugnant elitist illiterate?

    1. Kapt.Kirk says:

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