SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The day after Christmas, shoppers were back at the malls making all those returns for gifts they weren’t so jolly about and also look for those day-after deals.

The National Retail Federation projects American shoppers will bring back more than 46 billion dollars worth of presents this year.

Shoppers are also out for deep discounts. By Monday afternoon, thousands packed in at Arden Fair Mall and others were hitting the Downtown{ Plaza looking to cash in.

CBS13’s Derek Shore was out talking to shoppers. Watch his report:

Comments (2)
  1. babalouey says:

    Who are these people flocking back to the malls? Who has money to spend? Maybe the govt is correct and people don’t need extensions on unemployment!

    1. czar69 says:

      unemployment benefits barely pays for a few gallon of gasoline. These are people who still have a job. Why…? don’t let them shop? then store employee won’t had a job either..more of domino effects. What an idiot & doesn’t had a clue.

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