LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Maria Shriver is telling friends she’s having second thoughts about divorcing Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to entertainment website TMZ.

The report says Shriver is torn about going through with her impending divorce, partly because her strong religious beliefs are weighing heavily on her decision.

TMZ reports Schwarzenegger has been “extremely sweet” to Shriver and has made several gestures to win her back.

Shriver filed for divorce on July 1, citing “irreconcilable difference” after it was revealed that Schwarzenegger fathered a child with a former household staff member.

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  1. babalouey says:

    Maria, don’t be a dumb cluck. You only know of ONE child. He could have many more. Do not waiver on this decision because in a way, it affects the decisions of women/wives everywhere. How can you even consider staying with this joker? He lied to you FOR YEARS and YEARS. If he was willing to go to the point of housing his lover and son under your very nose for years and years, how could you trust him ever again to be faithful to you? Your religious beliefs may weigh heavy on your mind, but Arnold’s not having any issues with that. If you two are not on the “same page” going forward, there will never be a likelyhood that you will have an honest marriage either.

  2. david says:

    bull pucky. maria, think she is a christian, doesn’t now her bible. divorce is allowed when there is adultery. arnold certainly committed adultery so maria has a religious right to divorce him else she could be going against her religion by being married to an adulterer. not a bible scholar but have read it and the koran a few times each to try to understand the respective religious beliefs. maria’s excuse as eluded to in this article is not solid.

  3. Craw says:

    Goooooooo Arnie. You are prob getting some good strange leg now without that liberal, left wing bzzitch. If you do get back with her, make sure you re-staff with hooters girls this time Don’t be a fool Arnie. Make us proud of you.

  4. ObamaLovesYou says:

    has nothing to do with “strong religious beliefs’ – it has more to do with strong financial reasons. she literally has no source of income, the kids are grown up (or will soon grow up) leaving her with zero financial support. there are no more Kennedy’s that would be willing to support her now that Ted is dead. she has no talent – as it has been shown that anyone can read a teleprompter (aka Obama) and look/sound important and informed…Anrie…you must really love her if you are trying to win her back, but be clear she’s a gold digger.

  5. Tessa says:

    Just look at Jackie Kennedy and ALL she put up with …with good ole JACK…..and HE flaunted it in her face…..
    Maria is just another “KENNEDY”….trained to stick with her man no matter what.
    The Kennedy clan is thick as theives so there is no question that they will get back together again………YEP…she will say it is because of her “religious beliefs….but anyone with half a brain knows better. She is just a Kennedy…..she can’t help herself. Boy….are they a breed or what????

  6. herecomes2012 says:

    David is 100% correct, it is not “religious” beliefs that are going to be the reason for not getting a divorce, rather an excuse for not revealing the real reason which is none of our business in the first place.

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