MARYSVILLE (CBS13) — The suspected gunman in a fatal New Year’s Eve shooting in Marysville has been arrested, according to police.

Parolee Marcus Hume, 32, was found hiding in a house in the 1900 block of Hammonton-Smartsville Road in Linda on Tuesday. The U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force along with Marysville Police Department, Yuba County Sheriff’s Department and state correctional officers all were involved in the arrest, which happened at about 4 p.m., according to Marysville police Sgt. Chris Sachs.

Hume was wanted for the Saturday afternoon slaying of Steven “Sam” Moore, 38, who was shot dead outside his Marysville apartment in the 1100 block of Arthur Street. Moore was shot in the face with a shotgun, police said.

Hume didn’t immediately come out of the house, but when officers determined he was inside and called in reinforcements, up to 30 officers in all, he came out about 30 minutes later and surrendered without incident.

“There was no place for him to go,” U.S. Marshalls Deputy Frank Newsom said. “We had the residence surrounded. He knew he was had.”

Neighbors were startled by the large police presence.

“There was quite a few of them. They had SWAT,” Edward Roberts said. “We just moved in two weeks ago. As long as ain’t nobody killing nobody, I guess there’s no worries right now.”

Also, Beale Air Force Base confirmed earlier Tuesday that an airman stationed at the base was one of the suspects arrested in connection with the shooting.

Beale Air Force Base officials announced that 21-year-old Airman 1st Class William Silliman was one of three other adult suspects arrested for allegedly being an accomplice in Moore’s death.

Police say for reasons they won’t say, a group of six people, including two juveniles, went over to Moore’s apartment to “hurt” him. An altercation occurred and Moore was eventually shot in the face, police said.

Silliman was arrested along with David Leslie Eneix, 27; and Kari Felicia Mulkey, 20; all of the 1200 block of East 22nd St. at 11:45 p.m. Saturday at their Marysville apartment complex. They were booked into the Yuba County Jail on charges of conspiracy to commit murder.

Police also arrested two male juvenile suspects, ages 16 and 17, who were booked into Bi-County Juvenile Hall.

Silliman is a member of the 9th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron at Beale.

“Beale AFB would like to extend our condolences to the victim and their family,” said Brig. Gen. Paul H. McGillicuddy, 9th Reconnaissance Wing commander, in a statement released Tuesday.

“This event is tragic and if the allegations are true then this is not an accurate reflection of the outstanding airmen serving here and around the world. We take pride in the Air Force core values of integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do. We are working cooperatively with local law enforcement agencies to carry out the investigation.”

Moore, who was estranged from his wife of 18 years, leaves behind three children.

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  1. Dude says:

    Wondering why Police won’t say “why” they decided to go to this guys house to hurt him???

    Was the “why” based on a hate crime type reason? or a revenge type reason? or possibly a vigilante type reason?

    Why did 4 men and 2 teens “decide” that they needed to go after this one specific guy?

    1. Dude says:

      Let me just add a clarification to my own post … there is no justification that excuses what these men did to the victim. None at all.

      But clearly, the Police know “why” this group made a decision to take action against the victim, and for some reason are not sharing that information at this time.

      These guys didn’t just wake up and decide as a group to attack this person. It wasn’t random. So what aren’t we being told?

      Again, there is no justification … perceived or real … that makes it right for these men to do what they did … but clearly there is a reason for their actions.

  2. TOM says:


    1. luanne says:

      It isn’t obvious to me, I didn’t watch the videos but I read this article and no where do I see mention of a young girl involved. Did I miss it?

      I’m looking at his guy they arrested though, and I know a lot of inmates in several State Prisons, and this guy looks like he may be a wanna-be skinhead.

  3. cindi says:

    there is no why to what was done to sam. no one deserves to die like that period. what gave them the right to take his life , his childrens father, my friends uncle, his moms son, or his sisters brother? what gave them that right? they deserve to spend their lives in prison.

  4. sally says:

    cut his pee pee off and than let him bleed to death no prison to easy for him they get a free ride in prison room board a shower food why do we take care of these horrible horrible monsters why can’t we take care of our innocent elderly and homeless people these monsters are better off and more well taken care of then the innocent

  5. Indiana says:

    I met sam a few years ago, during a brief stay he had in Indiana with his brother. He was a great guy! A friend from the time we met. He knew how to lend a listening ear and some helpful advice. I only knew him for only a week or so but it was long enough to know that my heart goes out to all who knew him better, and those who love him. There is no excuse for his brutal murder and all involved deserve death themselves. Friends and family of this man morn today and will for years to come. But they also smile and know that he perished with the biggest of hearts. To my friend Darrell and the rest of Sams family and friends, my deepest condolences.

  6. Whitey says:

    “As long as ain’t nobody killing nobody…” Gotta love that highly educated community in Marysville. Jesus Christ.

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