First Snow Survey Of The Year Comes Up Dry

EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS) – It’s official. It’s dry in California.

California state water officials trekked to the Sierra Tuesday morning for the year’s first snow survey and confirmed that the mountain snowpack is among the driest for the date on record.

Tuesday’s manual and electronic readings put the snowpack’s statewide water content at 19% of normal for January 3.

A picture sent by CBS13’s Maria Medina shows a meadow of dry grass near Echo Summit off of Highway 50 where officials were conducting the survey.

Despite the dismal numbers, state water managers are cautiously optimistic.

“Fortunately, we have most of winter ahead of us, and our reservoir storage is good,” said DWR Director Mark Cowin.


    So where does the water come from for all the sprawl developments that are approved by the cities and county’s white-collar criminal “leaders”? Dig up the topsoil and cut down those trees, boys….the political system is still too broken and corrupt to worry about water issues.

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