MARYSVILLE (CBS13) — The man who was the center of a three-day murder manhunt faced a judge for the first time on Wednesday.

All six of the suspects in the New Year’s Eve slaying were in a Yuba County courtroom and charged with second-degree murder, including Marcus Nelson Hume, 32, the alleged triggerman whom U.S. Marshals deputies and Marysville police officers found holed up in a home in Linda on Tuesday afternoon.

Hume had been on the run since Saturday, when investigators say he shot and killed 38-year-old Steven “Sam” Moore. The father of three was reportedly shot in the face with a sawed-off shotgun.

Five other suspects, including two teens ages 16 and 17, were quickly arrested in connection with the crime that same night.

010312dbhumearrest037 copy 6 Charged With Second Degree Murder In Marysville Slaying

Marcus Hume, the shooting suspect in a New Year's Eve killing, is taken into custody by Marysville police officers on Tuesday. (credit: David Bitton/Appeal-Democrat)

Wednesday afternoon, all the suspects went before a judge as family members watched, many of them in tears.

The 16-year-old juvenile suspect broke down in court, and afterward his attorney spoke with reporters.

“They’re devastated,” Robert Marquez said of the suspect’s family. “They’re scared to death. From what the family was saying, he’s never been in trouble before. He’s a neophyte to do with anything to do with any kind of crime.”

William Vincent Silliman, 21, who is stationed at nearby Beale Air Force, is one of the suspects alleged to have accompanied Hume to the confrontation that turned deadly. The other suspects are David Leslie Eneix, 27; Kari Felcia Mulkey, 20; Samson Aaron Mulkey and Jesse Michael Garate. The latter two are the juveniles but are being charged as adults.

No one entered a plea Wednesday. The arraignment was continued until next Thursday, Jan. 12.

Comments (11)
  1. knowit says:

    Why is this 2nd degree murder instead of first degree? He brought a sawed off shotgun that shows intent to me. As far as the 16 year old neophyte…he sure chose the wrong crime to begin with, he can rot with the rest of them!

  2. joel says:

    they all need first degree, they all planned and set him up for the kill, they all murdered him

  3. rmcsticks says:

    cbs fix your dam site

  4. johnathan says:

    This system has already failed the victim like so many others. 6 suspects involved, 1 dead. This crime should be 1st Degree. No question about it.

    1. hippo says:

      I AGREE!!!…but the other young boy should not have it as bad….I feel for the family and the friends of Mr. Moore and also I will pray for the 5 or 6 involved….This is a sad thing that happen to everyone involved.

  5. rmcsticks says:

    start throwing the switch, and watch this stop.. and for the young ones , your mom and dad should have droped you pants and put the belt to your A$$ a long time ago… they get to watch you die !

  6. Portia Bellefleur says:

    The family is full of it. Is that why the grandma called the cops on jessie to say he was on dope? That kid is always in and out of trouble. He always act like a bad ass. To hear that he was crying is amazing to me. special how he thought he was a bad ass.

  7. gna says:

    skinny little white trash boy. . . no wonder he needs a gun, skin and bones,, he couldn’t defend himself against an old woman . . . .

  8. Tina Lane says:

    i just hate to hear the family crying my son or brother would never do a crime like this !!! i have heard it one to many times untill the truth came out and all them family members was told yes he or they did kill someone … not so fun being a big bad ass anymore now that they are locked up ,,,, mommy cant save them nowbut i guess if you cry like a baby they will let you go !!!! NOT pick your prison buddy out when you get there and hang on cause you will find out now what a bad ass realy is

  9. rmcsticks says:

    yep, they are going to ride the little white puppet and ride him hard. Lol

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