Today, Don and Dave are raving about the new updated display on DIRECT TV, and how the screens are set up. Don also tells us that he and Janet are going to Fresno to see Jerry Seinfeld this weekend. Engineer Bruce Hirsch is retiring today, and the guys talk about how much they love and appreciate the guy, before ripping into Tom Couzens with another edition of “Kissing Couzens.”

Don and Dave then play Madden 12 on XBOX, Denver vs. Pittsburgh with Phantom and Little Joe commentating. They only play one half, but Don beats Dave 7-0. Don also plays clips of Geoff Petrie, President of Basketball Operations for the Sacramento Kings, on the firing of Paul Westphal, and the promotion of Keith Smart. Don then calls Grant Napear to ask him if he knows who “Larry Sanders” (Gary Shandling) is, because there was a guy on the Milwaukee Bucks last night named Larry Sanders. The guys then get into an extended discussion about just how much pop culture Grant knows about, if any. The callers and texters weigh in with their questions as well.

After playing “Stump The Stoop, ’60’s” in honor of the great Bruce Hirsch, Mark Schlereth from ESPN stops by. Mark talks about his holiday season with his family, and breaks down the four NFL playoff games this week. The guys then perform “Kissing Couzens” one more time, before going into the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about a possible error in the vote counting of the Iowa Caucus, a “Michelle Yo Mama” email, and the FBI changing its definition of rape. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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