FOLSOM (CBS13) – A Folsom man was arrested Sunday for causing an accident that killed two people on Folsom Boulevard on Saturday night.

At 6:46 p.m. Michael Sharp, 21, was driving his SUV on southbound Folsom Boulevard when he crossed over the double yellow line and hit an oncoming sedan, killing two people inside, according to Folsom Police.

michael sharp1 Folsom Man Charged In Double Fatal Crash On Folsom Boulevard

Michael Sharp (credit: Folsom P.D.)

Investigators say Sharp was driving while intoxicated. He was arrested on two charges of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and drug impaired driving causing serious injury or death. Sharp was injured and not booked into jail.

Toxicology tests will be conducted to reveal what intoxicant was in Sharp’s bloodstream.

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  1. Richard Pochop says:

    The innocent always are hurt…

  2. rmcsticks says:

    stupid kid , he will do a year in jail if that…. Very sad for the ones lost and there famillys…

    1. Matt W says:

      He will do more than a year but not as much as he deserves. Depends on priors and level of negligence but he could easily do 5 – 10 years.

  3. Cindy says:

    What is wrong with people? Don’t they get it? Driving while under the influence is deadly. There was nobody who could have stopped him from getting behind the wheel? My prayers go out to the poor familys who got such horrible news last night. Only 21 and look at what he has done to his life.

    1. Joseph says:

      He was already a loser for drinking and doing drugs…..he had no life!

  4. sally says:

    why is it that the innocent die and the one that is drunk always lives and comes away with a scratch Is there really a god and why does he take the innocent and let the killer win? the dumb a$$ will spend a year in jail if that but still have a bed and a hot shower and all the things he needs. In the meantime the other families are suffering

  5. Christopher bing bong says:

    This goes to show how these bars in old Folsom can affect the innocent people that must live in the area. Places like the Powerhouse pub are attractants to these types of idiots. What needs to be done is there needs to be checkpoints at either end of the street that leads up to these places and the drivers need to pass through and be checked before leaving. This idiot was heading away from these bars (south bound) So it doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to put the blame squarely where it belongs. But then it could be he was just a rouge driver from somewhere else too. If it was discovered he was from a certain bar there in Folsom then that bar should be held accountable for not cutting these idiots off. I realize that we all make choices and that e made a bad one that costed lives but something needs to be done! Next time it could an innocent child that’s slaughtered. How comforting to know we are all at the mercy of these irresponsible drivers. RIP to those that are suffering tonight!

    1. JMHO55 says:

      First of all, you have no way of knowing whether he drank alcohol in a bar, at home, at a friend’s, or somewhere else.

      Second of all, some reports are indicating he was also under the influence of drugs. If that’s the case, no bartender could begin to know what he was on nor could the bartender anticipate a potential interaction between alcohol and drugs. Third, even if he had consumed alcohol in a bar, you’d have to prove he was “obviously impaired” at the time he was served to try to hold a bartender accountable. It’s easy to look around for someone else to blame, but the blame most likely belongs squarely on Michael Sharp.

    2. Jason says:

      highly doubt he was leaving a bar if the accident happened at 6:45 pm. who needs to be accountable are the courts and the justice system to make sure this kid doesn’t walk away with 15 months behind bars and three years of probation.

    3. kelly parrish says:

      he wasn’t coming from a bar. he was on break from his job at the Folsom outlets and took a hit of nitrous oxide, something he has been abusing for 2-3 years. he narrowly missed hitting a mini van with a couple leaving the movie theater, they saw his erratic driving, got out of the way only to see the accident occur in their rear view mirror. driving impaired doesn’t always mean drunk nor does it mean leaving a bar. all the facts will come out in trial. very sad for the family and for those that were first on scene.

  6. Cmorno says:

    Condolences to the families of those killed. Also to the drunk drivers family. I am sure they never thought their son would be responsible for taking lives because he was drunk. People are never going to learn. Just like cell phone users driving and talking away, oblivious to other vehicles around them. Everyday I see this. The fine needs to be increased to $1000.00 dollars for offenders. Oh, too harsh, too harsh I know. Until they cause a deadly accident involving your loved one.

    1. SweetPea says:

      Cmorno…I agree with you. I see people driving that look like they are drunk then I pull up near them and they are texting! Raise the fine!!!

      RIP to the innocent people and prayers and comfort to their families

    2. Joseph says:

      The cellphone issue is a simple matter of BANNING all cellphone use while in the vehicle FOR EVERYONE! INCLUDING PASSENGERS! We didn’t have cellphones before, so there’s no big deal NOT HAVING THEM AGAIN WHILE IN THE VEHICLE!!!

      1. Fred says:

        Dream on – won’t happen. You can’t unring the bell.

  7. juror13 says:

    he’ll get about 8 to 10 years in prison….we have alot of them types in prison now. he’ll get a shower every day, 3 meals a day one being warm and since hes white he’ll have to hang with the white boys. he might get beat up a few times while in prison. he’ll get the best in medical pills, dental needs all FREE!!! thanks to the state tax payers. If he needs any surgery that too will be paid FREE by tax payers. Its great living in prison! everything is FREE!!! Housing, laundry, food, dental, health, electrical needs ie TV, hot pots….

    1. Matt W says:

      You seem to think we should just let prisoners die if they get ill or not be fed properly. Why should they NOT receive health care/food/housing? Seems like your point is kind of silly.

      1. Traysee says:

        If you KILL someone, you should NOT get healthcare. Especially, at OUR expense. Talk about points being silly. Only someone that has been in jail a while would side with killers…

      2. Brian says:

        I wonder if you would feel the same way towards someone, god forbid, who harmed a member of your family…?

  8. will says:

    It’s a shame!!! My heart goes to the victims families. I keep saying DUI that kills anyone deserve the Death Penalty!!! No trail needed either!!! Let’s try to stop these tragedies once and for all. If not, you could be the next one these drunkards kill

  9. WisenCynical says:

    Sincere condolences to the familes and friends of those who passed. And so we’ll now have another roadside cross to look at in Folsom and another kid who’s life has been destroyed by his 2 second decision to drive home drunk.

  10. John says:

    Yeah, let’s go ahead and legalize drugs……& more of this is what you’ll get! IDIOT DRUGGIES!

    1. Fred says:

      Nope – not true. Anybody who wants to use is using anyway. By keeping everything “illegal”, especially pot, all we do is create a sub-culture of crime and black market money. I for one am tired of paying taxes to incarcerate dope smokers. It is a waste of treasure – and thereis precious little of that around.

    2. Derek says:

      People who want drugs get them whether they are legal or not. And in case you’re really stupid, most drugs are already legal.

  11. J says:

    I feel bad for all the victims and families that are going through this. I’m truly sorry for them. As for many of you who have put comments out there, you are quick to judge. How do you even know if he was high. For all you know there could have been a bottle of perscription pills that didn’t belong to him in his car, giving the police probable cause. If he was intoxicated, you can’t tell me that none of you haven’t driven after a drink. Most of you probably have at one time or another and you just didn’t get caught. The press loves to print stories off of one word someone says. It’s really easy to talk about drunk driving in Sac when we are the #1 city in CA to have DUI’s. We should do something about them, but would if it were you who caused the accident. Not only suffering the consequences, but living with this for the rest of your life…Think about that.

    1. Derek says:

      I do think about it. But I think about it before I kill somebody.

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