Joining the show to talk about the big game, and what the 49’ers will have to do to win the game, Chris Landry with Fox Sports Radio shares his thoughts saying, “The 49’ers have to play their game. They have to play on a short field.” He went on to say, “The Saints have too many weapons. You have to be able to run the football, but it all starts with the 49’er defense.” Landry feels that the keys to the game for the 49’ers will be keeping it to a 1 score game, and being able to generate turnovers. Talking about the Saints, Landry said “The offensive line of the Saints is nothing special, but they have possibly the best screen set in the league.” When asked if the 49’ers can win the game Landry said, “It’s a tough matchup but they can win. They have to play a clean game on offense.” Switching gears and talking about Sunday’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the NY Giants, as the Giants look to go into Green Bay and end what has been an incredible season for the defending super bowl champions. Landry feels that Green Bay is just a better team saying, “Rodgers has too many weapons.”


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