Today, Don starts with a clip from last night’s Jeopardy, in which a contestant answers “What is a donkey?” To the clue “This blow to the back of the head is named after an animal.” Don then tells us he’s not really mad at all about the Packers losing to the Giants over the weekend, because they still won last year’s Super Bowl, and the officiating in the game was obviously favoring the Pack. The guys all agree though, that the 49er game was awesome! Don also tells us about his pesky old neighbor who kept rubbing in the fact that the Niners won and the Packers lost. After hearing about Don and Janet’s 3 hour visit to the Apple store yesterday, Don plays the video Dave sent him on Saturday, in which his son Mason is playing the drums, early in the morning, and Dave is giving the camera the finger.

Don then explains to us what “phone stacking” is, and tells us about the people he saw doing it at the Roseville Galleria. He then says he would like to “Smokestack” Dave, by taking away a cigarette every time he offends. It’s then time for a visit from FOX NFL’s Mike Pereira. Mike talks to the guys about how awesome the Niner game was, the horrible officiating in the Packers game, and what rules, if any, need to be changed in the off season. Don then calls Craig up to the microphone to ask him why he called the Car Czar’s show on Saturday.

After playing his new app, which consists of all kinds of funny quotes from the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket, Don plays clips of Ricky Gervais on Conan, Elton John ripping Madonna, and Jimmy Fallon’s “Tebowie,” a tribute to Tim Tebow to the classic David Bowie song “Space Oddity.” Dave then returns late to the studio after the break, and Don penalizes him by taking one of his cigarettes, and actually lighting it up in the studio! Don then gives it to Dave and makes him smoke the entire thing in 60 seconds. The guys then play “How gay is Don’s iPod?”

After hearing a clip of Goldie Hawn talking about being hit on by cartoonist Al Capp, Mitt Romney getting booed, and Tina Fey’s birthday tribute to Betty White, Don calls Craig’s grandma Bev to find out what it’s like for her when he and his girlfriend Paris stay at her house. After a few graphic details that the guys could have easily gone without, Don decides to call Paris, who goes even further with the graphic details, including the fact that they don’t use protection.

It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about Baltimore Raven Terrell Suggs in a copyright infringement lawsuit over the term “Ball So Hard University,” the Green Bay/ New York Giants playoff game being the highest divisional playoff game ever, and Burger King restaurants on the east coast with delivery service. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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