Today on The Grant Napear Show, with the 49’ers playing in a huge game this week vs. the NY Giants and the winner earning a trip to the Super bowl that gave callers something exciting to talk about. The 49’ers have really surprised everyone this year with their play. Nobody expected the team to be in the position they are in today. Not only do they have a chance with a win over the Giants to go to the super bowl, but they also have home field advantage. One thing is for sure this game will be a good one. The Giants are playing the best football they have played all year and are looking to feed off their last season momentum. The 49’ers power style of play that has carried them all season will be tough to overcome for the Giants. Callers voiced their excitement all show in anticipation of the big game.

First on the show was former head of officials Mike Pereira, came on the show to shed some light on the ins and outs of what an NFL official goes through. When asked about the pressure that an NFL official feels in big games, like the Giants and 49’ers later this week, Pereira said “There is an enormous amount of pressure; all you have to do is look at the number of people that watch the games.” Looking back on last week’s matchup between the Packers and Giants Pereira said, “The game was not officiated well, but the only consolation is that the team that deserved to win won.” He went on to say that adding technology to the game, meaning the ability to challenge a play and view a replay at almost every angle, leaves room for error.

Next on the show Brian Baldinger with the NFL Network joins the show to talk all things football. Giving his thoughts on the upcoming game between the 49’ers and the Giants Baldinger said, “Giants passing game is as good as it gets.” He went on to say the 49’ers defense can change direction and pursue as good as anybody in the league.” Sharing his thoughts on Alex Smith and the 49’ers offense Baldinger said, “Last week they never took their foot off the pedal, when Alex Smith really knows where to go with the ball and has time, he always makes a good throw.” Baldinger when asked who he thinks will win this week said; “If the Giants play like they did vs. the Packers they will come home disappointed.”

Next on the show Carl Banks radio analyst with the Giants comes on the show to share his thoughts on the 49’er and Giants game saying; the biggest change that he sees in the Giants is that good players were tired of playing mediocre. It just took some time to come together. Right now they are playing as a complete unit. Banks went on to say, “They are playing very close to the way they played four years ago when they won the super bowl.”


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