Today, Don tells us that Craig’s ass is getting national publicity, as it is on,, and We also hear the awful church singer again, as well as a guy who tries to sing “Amazing Grace,” but fails miserably. Don then pulls out a list of ways to say the C-bomb in different languages. The guys also discuss the reaction from the people around the station after the mob discussion yesterday. Tomorrow there will be Professional Bull Riders in the studio, and Don thinks it would be a great idea to get a mechanical bull at the station to ride during the show.

Don then tells us about an email he got from East Coast Bob, who sent him a link to a children’s program hosted by Henry Winkler, entitled “Smart Kids, Safe Kids.” The program was intended to teach kids about strangers, and molestation. During the program, one of the songs that is played teaches kids about the penis, vulva, and anus. Craig then tells us that he actually saw this program when he was a little kid, because his parents mistook it for a fun children’s show. We then get a visit from ex NFL quarterback and Westwood One broadcaster Mark Malone. Mark talks about the AFC and NFC Championship games, and gives his insight into the Super Bowl.

After talking about Cynthia Nixon shaving her head, the new Alcatraz show on FOX, Obama’s lame “Spilled milk” joke during the State Of The Union Address last night, and Jerry Seinfeld saying he was uncomfortable with the success of Seinfeld, the guys play Password.

Today, Don pairs Phantom and Craig up against Dave and Little Joe. We then find out that the best way to stop a nose bleed is by sticking pork in your nostrils. When Craig guesses that tampons would work best to stop a nose bleed, Don has Dave stick two tampons up his nostrils, then walk across the station to G.M. Steve’s office. Little Joe tapes the entire thing!

It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about American soldiers freeing two American hostages in Somalia, the Florida primary GOP polls, and the NFC Championship game being the highest rated program last week by a landslide. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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