Big show today for the Grant Napear Show, a lot to talk about with 49ers fans still dissecting last week’s loss that sent the NY Giants to the super bowl. Callers are still fired up and making their voices heard on what the 49ers did well, and what they could have done better in order to possibly see a different outcome.

First on the show Peter King with Sports Illustrated joins the show to share his thoughts on the 49er and Giants matchup last week. King started by saying, “Eli Manning has been so good in the past two months. He was pressured 23 times in last week’s game, and to be able to win the game under that kind of pressure is amazing.” He went on to say, “When the game is on the line Eli Manning can march down the field and win the game.” Switching gears and sharing his thoughts on 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh and the reason he did not answer questions by the press directly after the game King said, “What you are seeing is a guy that can do whatever he wants. Fox however is the one of the reasons he is making the money that he is making, so as much as he does not want to go in and answer questions, he has to do it.” When asked if he feels that Payton Manning will return for another season Peter king said, “You don’t know what his health will be until March 1st it’s hard to say where he will play, with the Colts or at all.”

Next on the show Joe Buck with Fox Sports comes on the show to give some insight on last week’s big game. When asked if he feels that the Giants are better than they were four years ago when they won their last super bowl Joe Buck said “Eli is better, they have better wide receivers. Eli Manning is playing better the he has his whole career. They are the team to beat this year in the super bowl. I think they are better than the team that won it in 2004.”

Up next was Paul Gutierrez with Comcast Sports Bay Area to talk about the big news coming out of Oakland that Dennis Allen will be the new head coach of the Oakland Raiders. Gutierrez said that he was a bit shocked. Now that they fired Hue Jackson the Raiders have to rebuild both sides of the ball. Gutierrez feels that Allen will be good for Oakland, and he most have been impressive in the interview.

Shedding more light on the new hire for the Raiders, Lindsay Jones with the Denver Post joins the show. When asked how she felt about the hiring of Denis Allen Jones said, “I was kinda surprised that he is a head coach so soon.” She went on to say that if this chance with the Raiders did not happen now, that he absolutely would have been a head coach sooner or later. When asked what he will bring to the Raiders Jones said, he is very passionate, and he holds everybody accountable.


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