(CBS) A local murder case will be in the national spotlight this weekend as the CBS show “48 Hours Mystery” focuses on the El Dorado County story about a story about forbidden young love that ended with a mother’s killing.

CBS13 covered the case of teen Tylar Witt and her boyfriend on trial for killing Tylar’s mother. Now, the CBS show 48 Hours is revealing previously unreleased recordings in the case and is dissecting how prosecutors maneuvered behind the scenes.

CBS Correspondent Richard Schlesinger talked with those prosecutors who had to answer a tough question: did the victim’s daughter really do it?

“Joanne had twenty stab wounds over her entire body… There was a wound that almost decapitated her,” explained prosecutor Lisette Suder.

Prosecutor Lisette Suder is describing the 2009 murder of Joanne Witt, a 47-year-old single mom from El Dorado Hills, California.

“ She was a wonderful mother — her whole life centered around her daughter,” said Joanne’s father Norb Witt.

Norb and Judi Witt were astonished to hear of their daughter’s murder. There were the usual questions: Who would’ve committed a crime like this, so savagely…and why? Soon investigators turned their attention to perhaps, the most unusual suspects.

“The next question was: where’s the daughter? And then, wait a minute, where’s the daughter’s boyfriend?,” said Suder.

Joanne Witt’s 14-year-old daughter had been seeing a 19-year-old: Stephen Colver. Just weeks before her murder, Joanne had complained to authorities about the relationship – threatening to separate them.

“She wanted him away from her daughter. But they couldn’t stand the thought of not being together,” explained Suder.

Was a teenage girl involved in viciously stabbed her own mother to death and all over a boy??

“There is no way that she came anywhere near her mother that night. I don’t believe it could have happened,” Norb Witt says about his granddaughter.

Richard Schlesinger’s report “A 48 Hours Mystery” airs tomorrow night at 9:00 pm on CBS13.


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