STOCKTON (CBS13) — The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department has serious concerns about the safety and security in transporting a serial killer to help with a search for victims’ remains, but the parole agent who met with him says it can all be done safely.

Susan Kane is a parole agent with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

susan kane Parole Agent Says Killer Can Be Transported Safely For Search

State parole agent Susan Kane says she believes Wesley Shermantine is being truthful about being willing to lead investigators to victims' remains. (credit: CBS13)

Tuesday night, CBS13 caught up with her at her home to ask her about the meeting she had with convicted killer Wesley Shermantine, who is on death row at San Quentin for killings he and longtime friend Loren Herzog were convicted of in 2001.

Herzog committed suicide Jan. 16 outside High Desert State Prison, where he was living while on parole. Herzog and Shermantine were dubbed the “Speed Freak Killers” during their trial because they committed their killings fueled by drugs.

Asked if she believed Shermantine was telling the truth about a “boneyard” where the victims are buried, Kane said she did.

“My perception of him during the interview and my perception of the information that he gave us was it was very articulate, as much as it could be articulate,” she said. “I think so, I think that he is (telling the truth).”

Kane says they planned to transport Shermantine to help locate the burial sites two weeks ago. But San Joaquin County Sheriff Steve Moore put a halt to the arrangements, concerned over a potential escape or suicide-by-cop scenario.

Kane says Moore doesn’t have anything to worry about and insists Shermantine can be transported safely.

“They do it every day, people just don’t know that,” she said.

Asked if she thought Shermantine could escape, Kane said “absolutely not.”

Asked if there could be a suicide-by-cop situation, she again said “absolutely not.”

Sheriff’s deputies attempted to locate remains Friday in Calaveras County without Shermantine, but the search turned up empty. Kane expressed doubts that investigators can find the remains without his assistance

“I don’t think so. It would be like looking for a needle in a haystack,” she said. “You’re in rural country territory. I don’t think so.”

Kane says after the transport was canceled, she was pulled from the case. But even though she’s not currently an active part of the search effort, she’s hoping law enforcement continues down the right path to once and for all give the victims’ families some small sense of peace.

“All it’s about is getting these victims home to their families,” Kane said. “That’s all it’s about.”

Sheriff Moore still isn’t saying much about his next steps in the search effort. He did say that after they’ve exhausted all options, they would consider transporting Shermantine to assist.

Comments (8)
  1. GOLDFINGER says:

    Transporting a serial killer or any other Killer for that matter has never been a problem. And for our fearless leader Sheriff Moore to make it an issue just sickens me. It’s moore like an excuse to me. Something is not right in the Sheriffs department and It’s up too the people to find out what that may be.


    1. Erin Condrin says:

      Moore is correct. Suddenly Shermantine is credible after all of these years? Please. Cyndi and Chevelle will never be returned to their families. Shermantine is a narcissist, and as sorry as I am for the Vanderheiden family….I don’t believe they will ever have their questions answered.

  2. Cristy McDowell says:

    Transporting a serial killer; that is the only way Seattle recovered the majority of victims of the Green River killer; It’s time That the victims of Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzogg be brought home to their families. There has to be truth to what Shermantine is saying why else would Loren kill himself ? Shermantine stated a long time agao, that he didn’t Kill Cyndi Vanderhieden or Chevy Wheeler, and God only knows how many others. And now he’s going to show where a bone yard is? Lets bring Cyndi Vanderheiden home. John and Terri Vanderheiden deserve closure………………………….. Lets put Operation Closure into effect………………….

  3. Kate Malloy says:

    Have the Vanderheidens been able to ID Herzog’s body? Let’s take it one step at a time. Let’s make sure he’s dead.

  4. Cristy McDowell says:

    I had the exact thoughts, I just keep holding out hope that John and Terri Vanderheiden will be able to bring Cyndi home and lay her to rest . I read in the paper about a week ago, where Lynard Padilla was going to help bring the victims home! I think every body who knew any of the victims of Sherkmantine and Herzogg should get a shirt printed up with Cyndi or whom ever you knew with OPERATION CLOSURE BELOW OR ABOVE THE PICTURE. LETS ENCOURAGE Moore to get Shermantine up there to help!

    1. padillabailedmymomout says:

      Padilla jumps on any media attention he can get…the guy is a joke.

      1. mad as hell says:

        this calls for impeachment……………sad that are sherriff is acting like a litte girl…..SJ Co. deserves better

  5. sassy says:

    The Sheriff does not want to be in charge of a multiple killer because he might get away form his officers? Is this a joke ah misprint., get the jerk out of prison and give it a shot(pun)this is unbelieveable and poor police work if true that they will not let him show them where the victims are . It has been a long time and would be almost impossible to tell them how to get there without him. showing them. If they do not do this for pure political reasons heaven all help victims.
    Some do not like Padilla but by gosh he got a serial killer out of commission for good and that is great. Everyone jumps on media attention, espacially the media for any attention they can get LOL. Stop the inter agencies cr-p and locate the victims if at all possible.

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