Tax hikes are at the root of the 2012 political landscape in California. Governor Brown has his plan and at least three other tax proposals are hoping to join him on the November ballot. Whether or not the Governor succeeds in passing his proposal will go a long way in dictating the agenda for the rest of his term.

Working against the tax hikes is the perception that government does not spend taxpayer dollars efficiently. Pension costs continue to rise while funding for virtually every other program is cut. Stories about six-figure (and in Salinas this week, million-dollar) pension and benefit payouts for retired public employees continue to get headlines. Legislators award raises to their staff then spend taxpayer dollars to sue the state over getting their pay docked for last year’s late budget.

Against that backdrop CBS13’s investigative report tonight on the state missing millions of dollars in assets is significant. In November voters will be asked to send more of their money to Sacramento. As long as they are seeing stories like this and question how their government is spending the money they already gave them, it’s going to be a tough sell.

Comments (3)
  1. Cowboy says:

    There is no way any sane person would vote to increase anyone’s taxes until the State first proves it can live within a budget and STOP SPENDING MONEY IT DOES NOT HAVE …
    Why should we give them more to spend … when they fail to pay their debts with what they already have?
    The Feds have already bypassed collecting money the State borrowed, by increasing taxes on Businesses to collect that debt. Guess who the Feds come after next? Property Owners.
    What we should do is charge each member of the Legislature with “Grand Theft – Misappropriation of Funds” for their current spending behaviors.

  2. Tom says:

    Keep it up! Good job investigating. You have to keep after it. This state is so corrupt its sickning. I see that the other channels don’t cover inside things like this;

  3. Robert says:

    Pension costs are far less than corporate loopholes and the cost of prisons. How about Republicans like you focus on them instead of folks living on Social Security

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