OAKDALE (CBS13) — A 20-year-old Oakdale man is accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl he met on Facebook, and investigators are afraid there may be many more victims out there.

But the family of the suspect told CBS13 they can’t believe he’s accused of such a horrible crime.

“Donnell would not do this,” his mother said Monday. “He does not have a forceful bone in his body.”

But San Joaquin County investigators say Young preyed upon multiple underage girls through Facebook, reaching out to complete strangers. Investigators say he used several fictitious Facebook names and encouraged the girls to meet him in person. They say he used names like Noah Camacho, Andrew or Alex to draw them in.

Parents’ Guide To Social Networking (PDF)

His family and friends say that doesn’t sound like Donnell. He attends Modesto Junior College after starring in football and track at Oakdale High School.

“We do not have Internet here,” his mother said. “He says he does not have Facebook.”

“Donnell’s a sweet young man,” one family friend said. “Something’s wrong. Someone has made a mistake.”

“He isn’t the monster they’re making him out to be,” another supporter said.

But investigators say through deception, Donnell finally convinced one 14-year-old girl to meet him and once alone, he sexually assaulted her multiple times.

Young’s mom says she has the support of family and friends but fears for her son in jail.

“I’m just worried about it. I’m worried about his safety,” she said.

But what’s troubling to investigators is they believe donnell has preyed on other young girls.

“Donnell’s had a lot of female friends and their parents love him,” his mother said.

She tells CBS13 that his bail has been set at $300,000 and at this point they’re not looking to bail him out, but they are trying to find a good attorney.

Comments (6)
  1. aaron says:

    I grew up with the kid.played football and ran track together since we were kids..hes never showed any attempt want to hurt anyone.he doesnt have that mean vibe to him.hes a sweet guy i cant even think of him doing something like this.if anything the girl should be questioned for lying about her age.if she was 14 how was she able to make a facebook account in the first place?.. i hope this helps his case.dondon is not the person to intentionally hurt or cause harm to anybody.

    1. Elliott the Cat says:

      Ya, your right we sounds like a real winner !

      Maybe you should bend over and he can poke you from behind and see how much a of a gentleman he is ?

      Scanning Face Book for young girls, so he can beat them he doesn’t get his way !


  2. Future sex registrant says:

    Sounds like DonDon is a predator. Needs to be in prison to protect other young girls………..

    1. Elliott the Cat says:

      100% Correct !

      Anyone who dates/attacks under age girls should be beaten !

  3. get it right says:

    the dudes cool hes a danm nerd he isnt a threat that gurl got it wrong for sure poor guy

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