SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A local pastor who met his victim at church was found guilty of sexually abusing the teen girl, Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully announced Thursday.

Cornelius Taylor was convicted by jury on eight counts of sexual assault against a minor.

According to Scully, the victim had a very troubled life with no family support, which led to her spending a lot of time with Taylor at the church. Taylor and his wife offered to let the victim live with them, and she eventually moved in with them at age 16. Taylor went into her bedroom and sexually assaulted her several times a week, and continued the assaults even after the victim turned 18 years old.

Taylor faces a sentence of seven years, eight months in prison. Sentencing is set for March 9.

Comments (13)
  1. Rusty says:

    Sounds consensual to me.

  2. gna says:

    If it’s not the ‘teacher’ molesting kids it’s the ‘preacher’ . . . great world we live in. .

  3. Neighborsvoice_in_Idaho says:

    It does sound like the girl was a willing partner. But still another man of the cloth doing the nasty. One of many reasons why I quit going to church years ago. Faith in God still there…. just not in the people preaching it or the people going to church asking for forgiveness of their sins.

    1. pshaw says:

      One of the many reasons you stopped going to church? So other people are to blame for you not fulfilling your commitment to Christ.
      Got it.
      Why not stop going to the grocery store, or work, or even a movie. Those same people support things like that too! Shame on you for blaming others.
      You left it, so accept it was your choice and yours alone. Logic denotes that if you felt strongly you would have made a stand and done something about the problems.
      Guilt denotes that you blame others.

      1. Adam says:

        I don’t see you doing anything about the problem.

  4. Ric Brown says:

    not enough time ,should be life,he,ll do half time get out and do it again.

    1. Deanna says:

      It’s two thirds time now…

      1. Think again says:

        No, It’s half time.

  5. david says:

    cornelius? what a strange name.

  6. Sally says:

    That why I prey at home in the conforts of my home and it’s amazing what the good Lord has done for me over the years Praise God I do not need a pastor to get close to God

    1. hey says:

      ummm… Jesus WAS a pastor when He walked on Earth…
      Just sayin…..
      He offered an example of how to live….

  7. Whitey says:

    The Lord works in mysterious ways. Oh, Sally, it’s p-r-a-y. The pastor was preying… you pray in the ‘conforts’… and good luck with that.

  8. WisenCynical says:

    Geez so niavete’! This so called preacher man had a plan the whole time secret, self loathing, but hmm who would know?. The sex with the Mrs probably dried up a long time ago.. she knew he was diddling but hey.. he’s a preacher man! This is all about repressed pedo urges, and power. Make no mistake.. Pedo man.. had a plan. What I want to know is who turned him in!

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